In Loving Memory | Baby Loss Sympathy Poems

In Loving Memory
(Baby Loss Poems)

No flags were flown at half mast
when my little baby died ..
no limousine to carry her home
no crowds of mourners cried.

But the world for me stopped turning
my heart is filled with pain ..
my tears could fill an ocean
I want to see her again.

I want to say I’m sorry
to feel her lick my face ..
I want to hold her close to me
and always keep her safe.

I wonder how to end this hurt
to ease my troubled soul ..
I wonder how I can go on
without her I’m not whole.

And so I pray to God above
to take care of my child ..
say thanks that she was here
if only for a while.

And I will love another
though she’ll always be a part ..
of everything that’s good and kind
she will always have my heart.

I know that she is happy
running in fields of gold ..
and though I know she misses me
she’ll someday me mine to hold.

So sleep my little baby
your spirit now is free ..
sleep my little baby
you’re still a part of me.

– Forrest Phelps Cook