I’ll Never Hear You | Loss Of A Baby | Miscarriage Poems

I’ll Never Hear You
(Loss Of A Baby – Miscarriage Poems)

I’ll never hear you laugh
I’ll never hear you cry ..
I’ll never feel you move inside me
and I’ll always wonder why.

I’ll never see you smile
I’ll never kiss away your tears ..
I’ll never hold you when you’re scared
Or hug away your fears.

No first smile
no first steps ..
No first word
will cross your lips.

No first cry
no first breath ..
Just my heart
full of emptiness.

So how do I keep going
when you’ve already gone?
How do I keep living?
How do I go on?

The only peace that I have found
Has come from God above ..
His promise of togetherness
And everlasting love.

I know that you’re my baby
and that you’ll always be ..
You’re mine forever, no matter what
my darling baby.

So though I’ve never held you
I know some day I will ..
Our family is forever
So I’ll just hold on until.

The day I get to touch you
Just like you’ve touched my heart ..
To hold you in arms so tight
Never again to part.

Someday I’ll hear your laughter
Someday I’ll hear your cries ..
But only tears of joy and love
Will escape your pretty eyes.

Someday I’ll see you smile
Someday through happy tears ..
Hope and joy and peace and love
Will replace all my doubts and fears.

Our life together ended
Before it got to start ..
I never held you in my arms,
But I’ll hold you always in my heart.

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