I May Be Nothing But A Distant Memory | In Memoriam Verses Child Baby

I May Be Nothing But A Distant Memory
(In Memoriam Verses Child Baby)

To some I may be nothing more
than a distant memory ..
My life on earth is over now
but do you remember me?

I know I wasn’t here that long
but God’s work for me was through ..
Please don’t try to stop the thoughts
of me, because I never will of you.

Some may hear or speak my name
and vanish the thought of me ..
Why is it now that I am gone
no one stops to see.

I’m closer to you now
than I ever was before ..
I love you all just the same
and will forevermore.

So, please don’t let my memories
slowly fade away ..
For I’m still inside your heart
you see, where I will always stay.

Don’t think of me as gone forever
because someday we’ll meet again ..
Keep me close inside your heart
until God tells you when.

You may be there for many years
no one ever knows ..
So let my memory stay alive
as the love inside you grows.

Some of you may wonder why, God called
for me, sooner than you’d planned ..
But please don’t be mad at him
for I’m in the master’s hands.

Please remember me with love
and with each tear that you cry ..
Remember I’m beside you still
although I said good-bye.

– Dawn Elmore