I Live On | In Loving Memory Poems

I Live On
(In Loving Memory Poems)

I died but did not leave you
I am here, and have not gone ..
Though my spirit left my body
don’t be sad, for I live on.

My love is all around you
Can you feel it? Can you see? ..
That gentle breeze upon your face
is not the wind…but me.

I’m the song of a bluebird
when spring is in the air ..
I’m the roses in a garden
You can find me everywhere.

Whenever you are missing me
look up to heaven’s skies ..
I’m the twinkle in the stars
I’m the sunset, and sunrise.

I’m a raindrop and a rainbow.
I’m the ocean’s waves of blue ..
So everywhere you go you’ll know
I live on, loving you.

– Ron Tranmer