In Loving Memory Brother Poems | His Brother

His Brother
(Brother In Loving Memory Poems)

The sun was slowly setting, mixed
with an atmosphere of peace and calm ..
He sat as his usual place
knowing he is, in no harm.

All he heard was the rustling
of the trees and the birds that flew by ..
He placed the flowers next to him
as he wiped a tear from his eye.

He began to speak
starting off about his day ..
The only person he could talk to
when he had much to say.

He knew he wouldn’t be
interrupted as he carried on ..
He wouldn’t be judged
even if he was wrong.

He soon became quiet
as he couldn’t stop the tears ..
Saying “I really miss you bro
and wish you were still here.”

He removed the old flowers and
replaced them with the ones he bought ..
He sat there for hours with his
six pack deep into thought.

He reminisced about the days
when they were young ..
Laughed a little at
the silly songs they once sung.

The mischief they got up to
and the girls they use to date ..
Two Casanovas
you really couldn’t hate.

Riding their motorbikes
popping a wheelie down the road ..
No one dared to mess with them
in their own abode.

How he wished he could relive
those memorable days ..
And spend more time with his Bro
instead of at his grave.

The sun had disappeared
leaving an orange glow behind ..
He stood up, said a prayer
and quietly sighed.

He wiped away the tears
and pretended to be strong again ..
And left his brother’s grave site
filled with the same amount of pain.

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