Letter Of Condolence

Letter Of Condolence 6

Letter Of Condolence Message On Death

Letter Of Condolence Message On Death

  • Peaceful be thy rest dear Mother it is sweet to breathe thy name. In life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same.

  • Peacefully sleeping resting at last, the world’s weary troubles and trials are past. In silence she suffered, in patience she bore, ’till God called her home to suffer no more.

  • Sending my deepest sympathies to the family. He/She was such a great friend. Gone too soon, he/she will be tremendously missed. Rest peacefully my friend. We shall meet again on the other side.

  • I believe that our loved ones are not just at peace, but in bliss. It is us, the survivors that carry the pain and sorrow. Sending much love and strength to you all in the days to come.

  • Sad and sudden was the call, so dearly loved by one and all. His memory is as dear today, as in the hour he passed away.

  • My treasured son/daughter, the depth of my sorrow is immeasurable. I will cherish each and every memory of you always.

  • She was only a little white rosebud, a sweet little flower from birth. God took her home to heaven Before she was soiled on earth.

  • Keeping all of you close in heart and prayer. His/Her spirit and kindness have touched many lives. His/Her star will always shine brightest. With Love

  • A Sweet little flower of heavenly birth. She was too fair to bloom on earth.

  • My heart and best wishes go out to the family during this terribly difficult time.

  • Sunshine fades and shadows fall. But sweet remembrance outlasts all.

  • I am so very sorry for your loss. She/He was a kind hearted soul who left this earth far too soon. My deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to everyone during this most difficult time.

  • Take her in Thine arms, dear Lord. and ever let her be. A messenger of love between our hearts and Thee.

  • Our deepest sympathy to all of you at this sad time. May you all revel in the long, productive, joyous life he/she lived. Celebrate his/her life. Thinking of you as always, with peace and love!

  • The depths of sorrow we cannot tell, of the loss of one we loved so well. And while she sleeps a peaceful sleep, her memory we shall always keep.

  • A great man and an even greater friend. You will be missed every day, till we meet again. Rest in peace, you’ve earned it. Deepest sympathy to your family.

  • The loneliness without you the ache deep in our hearts, we’ve nothing left but memories. with them we’ll never part.

  • My thoughts are with you all during this most difficult time. His/Her optimism and perseverance throughout his/her long battle was truly admirable. Always a smile and great conversation. I feel extremely fortunate to have known him/her.

  • The memory of his dear wee ways, will linger with us all our days. Sweetest flower too sweet to stay, God took him home to show us the way.

  • I know she/he lived with pain for a long time. While I mourn her/his passing, I hope we can all take comfort in knowing that her/his pain is gone, and she/he is in a better place.

  • The world may change from year to year, and friends from day to day. But never will the one I loved from memory pass away.

  • I was deeply saddened to hear of your loss. May she/he rest in eternal peace. My heart felt condolences to all family and friends.

  • There is a link death cannot sever. Love and remembrance last forever.

  • Prayers for the peace and comfort that God will ease the pain you are experiencing. Hoping that the many wonderful, happy memories will sustain you. Only God knows His reasons. With heartfelt sympathy.

  • Those whom we love go out of sight, but never out of mind. They are cherished in the hearts, of those they leave behind.

  • Thinking of all of you knowing that you couldn’t have a better guardian angel watching over you every minute of the day. With sympathy.

  • “Thy will be done” seems hard to say,  when one we loved has passed away. Some day perhaps we’ll understand, when we meet again in that better land.

  • My heart goes out to you all as you deal with this tremendous loss. I will never forget her/his smile! With heartfelt sympathy.

  • To have, to hold and then to part .. Is the greatest sorrow of our hearts.

  • Such a tragic loss for an optimistic and inspiring person. I will remember her/him as a smart, witty, courageous, strong, fighter. My deepest sympathy and prayers are with you at this most difficult time.

  • Two little hands are resting, a loving heart is still. A little son we loved is waiting, for us just over the hill.

  • I can’t even imagine what you and the children are going through. I am so sorry for your loss. He/She fought hard and he/she will be sorely missed. You have my deepest sympathy.

  • We cannot think of them as dead, who walk with us no more. Along the path of life we tread, they have but gone before.

  • Please accept the most heartfelt sympathies. We hope the love and memories that you will forever hold in your heart bring you peace and comfort during this difficult time.

  • We know that she is happy, in our Savior’s home above. Growing fairer as she lingers, in the sunshine of His love.

  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very difficult time, one can never prepare enough for the final goodbye, She/He will be missed very much to all of us who knew her/him, God now has her/him in his care, and we love you all.

  • We mourn for her in silence, no eyes can see us weep. But many a silent tear is shed, while others are asleep.

  • Your heart shattered and broken with the pain you’re going through. If you ever need me, I’m always here for you.

  • Sincere Condolences. Those who mean the most to us are never really gone. For in our hearts the memory, of our loved one will live on.

  • You are not alone today nor will you be tomorrow. Though I can’t take away your pain, I’ll help to ease your sorrow.

  • Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday. Unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear.

  • My body may have departed, but my spirit still lives on. Even though you cannot see me I’ll tell you, I’m not really gone.

  • Wherever we have been together, little traces you will find. Whatever we have seen forever still lives on in your mind.

  • We remember and cherish the happy times together, remembering them today and forever.

  • The world changes year to year, our lives from day to day. But never will the one we love, from memory pass away.

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