He Was Never Alone – By Kathryn James

He Was Never Alone
(Son Memorial Poems)

I’m so sorry son, I didn’t get
to hold your hand in mine –
To kiss your face, my precious Son
I wasn’t given the time.

The doctor said you wouldn’t hear
But I whispered anyway –
“Your tired now my darling
go now, you mustn’t stay”.

As Angels gathered round you
I felt the whisper of their wings –
and as they spirited you away
I thought of so many things.

“Why God why? My precious Son?
why not Me instead?”
That’s not the way
it’s supposed to be
he just cannot be dead!

Can’t the Angels wait awhile?
give me a little more time? –
there’s so much more I need to say
before I say good-bye.

Please say you’ll grant me
one more hour
I have so much to do –
Kiss, hug and hold him close
before, I give him to you.

Alright Lord, I trust you!
I just have to ask, you see? –
Just one more little favor Lord
Please tell him good-bye for me.

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By Kathryn James