Grieving Silently | Memorial Poems – Remembrance Poems

Grieving Silently
(Remembrance Poems)

Why must I grieve silently
when my heart is so loudly screaming?
The emptiness I feel is consuming me
oh God how I wish I were dreaming.

The silence around me is deafening.
for nobody knows what to say ..
To comfort this agony I’m feeling
since my daughter went away.

And each day the sun continues to rise
and the earth is still turning ..
Though my world has come
to a screeching halt
no one can ease my yearning.

For a part of me has vanished
and a part of my heart has died ..
And no one can hear my heartache
or feel the turmoil I carry inside.

And I’ll go on grieving silently
and exist on a different plane ..
And I’ll keep my love for her
deep in my heart
Until we meet again.