Rise Up Slowly Angel | Grief Angel Poems

Rise Up Slowly, Angel
(Grief Poems)

Rise up, slowly, Angel
I cannot let you go ..
Just drift softly midst the faces
in sorrow now bent low.

Ease the searing anger
born in harsh unyielding truth ..
That death could steal my loved one
from the glowing blush of youth.

Rise up, slowly, Angel
do not leave me here alone ..
Where the warmth of mortal essence
lies replaced by cold, hard stone.

Speak to me in breezes
whispered through the drying leaves ..
And caress my brow with raindrops
filtered by the sheltering trees.

Rise up, slowly, Angel
for I cannot hear the song ..
Which calls you through the shadows
into the light beyond.

Wrap me in your downy cape
of sunshine, warm with love ..
And kiss a tear-stained mother’s face
with moonlight from above.

Then wait for me at sunset
beside the lily pond ..
And guide me safely homeward
to your world, which lies beyond.

Just spread your wings and take me
in reunion’s sweet embrace ..
And we shall soar, together
to a different time and place.