Grandmother Poems | Grandmothers

(Grandmother Poems)

Grandmothers are so sweet
Grandmothers are very kind ..
But one such as my Grandma
You may, never again find.

Though she was no angel
And never pretended to be ..
But she was filled
with love and pride
and such dignity.

Sitting in her lap
As I, so often recall ..
Was always a special treat
When I was so very small.

She was so very gentle
Yet seemed, oh so wise ..
It took me many years
To finally realize.

That all she ever wanted
Was for me to be ..
A very special person
With my own personality.

Now I am a Grandmother
With my own family
I fully understand
What she wanted me to be.

So I try very hard
A woman, like her to be ..
Giving to my Grandchildren
Their very own Personality.