God’s Littlest Angel | Loss Of Child Baby Poems

God’s Littlest Angel
(Loss Of Child Baby Poems)

Mommy and Daddy
don’t cry for me ..
To walk the earth
was not meant to be.

I’m with the angels
and I watch you every day ..
I know that you love me
in a very special way.

I’m sorry our time
was all too brief ..
In good time
you’ll overcome grief.

You’ll see me
every day ..
In the souls of children
who pass your way.

I may be the cheeky boy
with the dimple in his chin ..
Or the girl with the
little golden curl.

Please know that I’m alright
’cause when you look in the sky
on a clear and starry night ..
I will be the star that
is shining so bright.

I love you Mommy and Daddy, Good Night.