Funny Poems – The Terrible Teens

The Terrible Teens

(Funny Poems)

Turn that bloody music down,

My head is spinning round

Have you no consideration

when you’re blasting out that sound?

I think they call it Hip Hop,

But me, I call it crap

The bass it sounds so bloody loud,

It gives me a heart attack,

You haven’t cooked the dinner,

Or tidied up your room

If you don’t sort this mess right out,

You get to leave home soon!

Makeup on the bedroom floor,

Dirty washing in a pile

I gave up clearing after her,

It’s just not worth my while.

And what is that you’re wearing?

It’s my brand new bloody skirt

You can take it off right now my lass,

And get rid of that smirk!

So you’ve looked all through my wardrobes,

And what else have you stolen?

And I suppose you’ve nicked my tights again,

Now that yours are full of holes,

I thought I smelt my perfume,

You’ve got a bloody cheek

And I bet you’ve used my hairspray,

You know, the one I bought last week,

You’re always taking liberties,

You don’t even ask to borrow

Whatever you have nicked tonight,

You can give me back tomorrow,

And I want it washed and ironed,

I’ve only worn it twice,

If I get to wear it after you,

Then not ruined, Would be nice!

And I suppose you’ll want a lift again?

And more money from my bank

You take the piss right out of me,

Now I’ve no diesel in my tank

Well this is the very last time,

You can go and ask some other

And in future will you please grow up,

You’re supposed to be my MOTHER !!!

By – Sasha Bailey