Funny Poems – The Student’s Lament

The Student’s Lament

(Funny Poems)

Cutting up a rabbit

for the simple sake of science

While I’m pointing out the pieces

of cadavers in compliance

With these rules and regulations

of this classroom that I’m in

Grabbing gobs of gooey guts

that this rabbit once had been

Like the stomach stuffed with sustenance

that gave the rabbit drive

From the flowering fields all filled with grass

that kept this thing alive

But I worry and I wonder

when I see what has become

Of my fast and furry friend

from the fields who liked to run

 And I pray that my predicament

will not be put like his

With my built and broken body

by a table such as this

For there might be airy aliens

already on their way

To ponder poke and prick

and put my person on display!

By – Dave Larson