Funny Poems – The Parent

The Parent

(Funny Poems)

You cared for me when I was young with tender love and care.

You gave me food and shelter, and some clothes for me to wear.

When I was tiny, you would read me stories every night.

And then when I was fast asleep, you’d tuck me in so tight.

And every day, right after school, you’d be there just to say,

“How was school?” and then I’d tell you all about my day.

And when I had some problems in my life, as children do,

You always seemed to understand. It wasn’t new to you.

And at my graduation, you were standing in the crowd,

And when they called my name you cheered for me so loud.

And now that I have grown, I’ve seen you ripening with age,

And soon within the book of life, you’ll reach your final page.

 I know that you need care, but I have children of my own.

So I’ll just say goodbye, and then I’ll send you to a home.