Funny Poems – The Last Hoorah

The Last Hoorah

(Funny Poems)

When I was young and in the dawn,

I rose to put my trousers on

For some adventurous new day

Of shining sun and making hay,

There was no sense of deja vu,

No fears possessed me in the loo,

And when I shaved my stripling chin

I found it hard to check a grin.

Handsome and brave, devoid of cares,

I’d race to breakfast down the stairs.

Now I have drained that youthful cup,

It takes me ages to get up

And first among the day’s adventures

Is finding where I put my dentures.

The bathroom mirror’s ruthless light

Suggests I passed away last night

And at the door the postman knocks

With mail that’s full of evil shocks

While by my plate a heap of pills

Bears witness to a dozen ills.

One simple pleasure does remain

I’ll go and change my will again.

By – Joe Pamanian