Funny Poems | The Family Cat

The Family Cat
(Funny Poems)

The family cat, it died the day
That everybody was away ..
When they got home, they were distraught
Because it was an after thought.

To check it, so they did not find
The furry corpse it left behind ..
Until it had been dead awhile
No rub, no purr, no cheerful smile.

Though deeply grieved, they did not sit
Instead they thought to bury it ..
The woman dug the shallow grave
The boy, one final farewell gave.

Then laid its lifeless body down
Into the damp earth, cold and brown ..
The woman, bent to cover up
The cat, encountered one hiccup.

The overlooked forgotten sin
Of rigor mortis setting in ..
And though poor puss was unaware
His stiffened tail stood in the air.

In homage to the terminal
A stark and forlorn sentinel ..
The woman cried and tried in vain
To lay the cats tail, down again.

Until so wracked with grief, and sick
She wedged it ‘neath a garden brick ..
The boy was taken by a fit
The woman first thought grief was it.

But on a closer look she found
Him laughing, writhing on the ground ..
“You horrid child, your cat has died
You shouldn’t laugh at that!” she cried.

But still he laughed, hysterical
He found her antics comical ..
The woman, still to end her task
To put the cat to rest at last.

So angry with the boy that she
Attacked to job ferociously ..
And muttered to herself the while
What horrid boy could be so vile?

How could he err so callously?
To find such mirth in tragedy? ..
But still he laughed until he cried
The woman hot and fuming tried.

To finish planting puss away
That done, she had some words to say ..
“You stop that laughing now! You hear?”
She took the poor boy by the ear.

And cracked him ‘cross his curly dome
“Just wait until your father’s home!” ..
With that, she marched him to the house
To wait for her expected spouse.

That night the household would resound
With screeches, laughter, round and round ..
The story swinging to and fro
From tales of mirth, to grief and woe.

As one another did regale
The story of the dead cats tail ..
But down the bottom of the hill
A little mound of dirt there still.

With time and wind and weathering
The garden brick’s uncovering!
Oh may we never see the day
When earth and brick erode away.

Exposing such a grievous view
Of resurrected tail anew!

By – Stringybark