Funny Poems – The Day I Stopped The Traffic

 The Day I Stopped The Traffic

(Funny Poems)

It was a cold day in august that year

The sun was shining, the day so clear.

I lay there thinking what a wonderful day

Nothing seems broken, I heard myself say

Then aunt Rose’s voice hit my ear

Get up girl you can’t just lie here!

I would if I could my dear old aunt

But the fact of the matter is I just can’t!

My feet somehow had got a mind of their own

And before I knew it my decorum had gone

As I slipped and landed flat out on the street there

With cars banked at lights the drivers did stare.

Not one got out of his comfy seat

To help this old girl back onto her feet.

But I didn’t mind I have to say

Because I was laughing too much anyway!

And all I could think, I must confess

Is thank goodness I’m wearing a fairly long dress

Not a thing out of place as I lay there and laughed

Til the cars started moving with me in their path!

I was up like an athlete and back on the curb

Before aunt could get out another word.

Not a bone broken nor bruise to show

For the day I fell flat out in the street you know

Because there is not a shred of doubt in my mind

God sent angels to catch me, isn’t He kind!

And years later I still find myself smiling

at the day I stopped traffic without even trying!