Funny Poems – Telling Tales

Telling Tales

(Funny Poems)

At times I have to tell a tale,

Some call it just a lie.

But I still say it’s just a tale,

And that I won’t deny.

They say that lies come in two colors,

Some are white or black.

Now I prefer to think that tales

Are gray, and that’s a fact.

I tell a tale, the truth I hold,

Your feelings I must spare.

I cannot be so rude to you,

Because I really care.

You ask me if I think your boy

Is cute as he can be.

I tell a tale, and say, “He is,”

And watch you jump for glee.

You ask me how I like your hair,

GROSS just comes to mind.

A tale I tell, a big one too,

And say, “It looks just fine.”

You tell me that you’ve learned to bake

A brand new recipe.

I take a bite, it’s no delight;

I’m dying can’t you see.

It’s then you ask me what I think,

I tell you that it’s great.

Another tale I’ve told, but wish

I could regurgitate.

We drive to see your brand new house

You know that I’ll admire.

I take one look, and then I’m sure

I’d set the thing afire.

I cannot always tell the truth,

A tale I must decree;

For if I told you how I felt-

Friends we’d never be.

By – Ray Thigpen