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Talk Of The Devil
(Funny Poems)

In ‘Deaths’ today, I saw my name
“Can’t be” I thought, and looked again ..
Yet there it was, as plain as plain
In black and white it said the same.

“But no! said I, this cannot be
For here I am, for all to see.” ..
“It must be someone else not me
A case of wrong identity”.

Rang a number, crossly said
“How dare you tell the world I’m dead ..
That this living life I’ve fled
You surely must be off your head”.

The gleeful voice that answered back
Said, “Yeah, yeah man .. they all say that ..
Believe it man, you’ve hung your hat
You kicked the bucket two hours back”.

“You’ve dialed Limbo triple 0
Press 1 for yes or 2 for no ..
The choice of where you wanna go
Is wings above, or fire below “.

“But be aware, I gotta say
It makes no difference either way ..
Your future’s looking grim and gray
It’s roast and toast for you this day”.

The roar of flames, the smell of soot?
The stamping of a cloven foot? ..
Must I drink this bitter cup?
“Like Hell! ” I said, as I woke up.

By – John Pickersgill