Funny Poems – Oh Such Misery

Oh Such Misery

(Funny Poems)

Today I feel rotten

Lost and forgotten

Moody, misty and blue

My hair is splitting

Nothing is fitting

Both my thumbs I chew

Today I feel crazy

Like a wind-shaken daisy

The dizziest dame on your way

I am all out of order

On the misery border

And my heaven is terribly gray

I am awfully saddened

Not very much gladdened

It’s as if a bad crop I grew

Everything is creepy

I am feeling all weepy

When I see the thumbs that I chew

Today I am mouldy

And “Oh” such an oldy

A shrunken, outdated prune

My joints are all rusty

My corners all dusty

And my voice is all out of tune

I look at the sheet

That lays underneath

My unhappily writing “ball”

And I ask with a sigh

“Whatever and Why”

Do I write such nonsense at all.

By – Anita V