Funny Poems – More Nature Studies

More Nature Studies

(Funny Poems)

I met a man who told me that

He had a pet, a vampire bat.

He called it Horace and, he said,

It perched at night upon his bed.

I thought of him as days went by

Then wrote him. He didn’t reply.

The Condor through the Andes swoops

Performing barrel rolls and loops.

Alas, each aerobatic trick

Makes the poor Condor very sick.

 Meanwhile the watching natives ponder

What is the fun in being a Condor?

 It is not difficult to see

Some virtue in the chimpanzee.

I always thought, and think so still,

How much it looks like Auntie Lil.

I ought to make my meaning clear

The frontal aspect not the rear.

 High in the sky the vultures wheel

Alert to spot the next free meal.

I wonder how the vultures tell

That one is feeling not to well.

 Why take a chance? I will instead

Retire indoors and go to bed.

By – Joe Pamanian