Funny Poems – Marbles


(Funny Poems)

Of the problems I’ve encountered

This one’s my worst so far.

You see, I’ve lost my marbles

And I don’t know where they are.

I’m guessing that my problem

Became apparent, I would say

When I rubbed *Crest on my shoulder

And filled my toothbrush with *Ben Gay.

I recall a near-encounter

Of this problem once before,

But as I fell I noticed them,

Strewn across the floor.

So I’ll think back in my mind

And try to re-account my day.

Maybe I can pinpoint

When my marbles got away.

Did I lose them in my laundry

That’s piled half up my wall?

Or in the 5-mile check-out line

In that over-crowded mall?

In the busy doctor’s office

Where every baby fussed?

Or did I lose them driving home

When I got stuck behind that bus?

If I turn off all my lights

And sit here quietly,

Maybe my little marbles

Will find their way to me.

I guess I’ll go on living,

Though my head’s still in a fog.

Now, I think I’ll walk my cactus

And pour water on my dog.

By – Tina Northfield