Funny Poems – Ladies Over 80′s Football Team Profile

Ladies Over 80′s Football Team Profile

(Funny Poems)

Our eldest player Lilly she’s 99 today

We put her up for goalie as she’s due to pass away

Secondly there’s Betty who’s a haggard 98

A very bad asthmatic who you’d love to suffocate

Next up it’s our Doris at 93 she’s doing fine

Before the game she snorts the coke.

We call her Avaline.

At 90 it’s our Gertrude who back-flips when excited

She shows her draws when her team scores.

It keeps the fans delighted

Then 88 it’s Lizzie who takes epileptic fits

Who’s always on the side line showing all the crowd her bits

Down from her it’s Madge who’s a crank for 84

She’s better known as Lilo as she’s always on the floor

We move on then to Edna who’s a scream for 83

Her specs they were mechanically built and the loony still can’t see

Then comes wonky Hilda who’s almost 82

With one leg short she has to wear a massive built up shoe

Twin sisters Flo and Nel they’re also 82

Who only stand at 3ft tall, it’s strange they never grew

At 81 it’s Sally, she’s always full of smiles

With so much padding round her bum just to protect her piles

Our youngest player Charlotte, she’s the tallest one indeed

She’s 80 and she’s always stoned. She smokes the flippin’ weed

Feel free to read this profile As it’s a sponsorship we seek

But sadly time is running out They could all be dead next week!