Funny Poems – I Know I Had It

 I Know I Had It

Where have all the words gone,

I can’t find them any more.

I know I want to say something,

But my brain shuts like a door.

I know I want to get something,

I’ve started up the stair.

But am I going up or down

I should have stayed down there!

I had the darn thing yesterday,

I put it down with care.

Trouble is, though I know I did,

I can’t remember where!

I know you told me where to be,

I said, “I’ll see you there.”

So, sorry that I am so late,

I waited here, not there!

So please, be patient with me dear,

You’ll get this way one day.

But, trouble is, as I have told,

You’ll have forgotten by next day!

Now, what was I doing………