Funny Poems | Day At The Zoo

Day At The Zoo
(Funny Poems)

The female gorilla was pining at the zoo
No suitable male could be found ..
The keepers didn’t know what to do
So they decided to ask around town.

The zoo authorities they did the rounds
Said they wanted a suitable chappie ..
Asking who would do it for five hundred pounds
Sleep with the gorilla and keep her happy.

But people felt awkward
Saying “What a question to ask” ..
Until old Jack stepped forward
Saying “I might do the task”.

“But I have three questions” said Jack
“Before I do this thing ..
First I don’t want any comeback
If there’s any offspring.

“My second question is this
It all depends on her need ..
Do I have to give her a kiss
Before I perform this deed?

“Thirdly” said Jack “Don’t think it a cheek
And if you accept my bid ..
You’ll have to give me at least a week
To come up with the five hundred quid”.

By – Tom Gaunt