Funny Poems – Conjugal Telepathy

Conjugal Telepathy

(Funny Poems)

Have you ever noticed when you’re talking with your spouse?

No matter if you’re out with friends or wandering round the house,

That when you have a thought you think is worthy to express,

You’ve scarcely uttered half of it before your thoughts digress,

And you have quite forgotten what it was you wished to say,

But there is no need to panic for your spouse will save the day,

And without the need for prompting, and indeed without a pause,

Your partial thought’s completed, with an extra thoughtful clause.

My friends to whom I’ve spoken, and I’ve spoken to a few,

Have noticed this phenomenon, and so perhaps it’s true,

That when you live together an extended length of time,

The need for speech reduces and there’s more accent on mime.

So perhaps there is no worry when your mind begins to go,

For even out in company, no one really needs to know.

There is a great incentive to always keep your cool,

When your spouse’s intervention stops you looking like a fool,

For even if the utterance is not what you would say,

It is best to grin and bear it and pretend so anyway.

By – Ian Smith