They Are Not Dead | Funeral Reading

They Are Not Dead
(Funeral Reading)

They are not dead ..
.. Who leave us this
great heritage
of remembering joy.

They still live in our hearts ..
.. In the happiness
we knew in the
dreams we shared.

They still breathe ..
.. In the lingering
fragrance, windblown, from
their favorite flowers.

They still smile
in the moonlight’s silver ..
.. And laugh in the
sunlight’s sparking gold.

They still speak ..
.. In the echoes of the
words we’ve heard them
say, again and again.

They still move ..
.. In the rhythm of
waving grasses, in the dance
of the tossing branches.

They are not dead ..
.. Their memory is warm
in our hearts, comfort
in our sorrow.

They are not apart from us ..
.. but a part of us.

For love is eternal ..
.. And those we love
shall be with us
throughout all eternity.

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