From Mom And Dad | Child Memorial Poems

From Mom And Dad
(Memorial Poems)

Our life changed that day we
found out you were there ..
The Beginning your life
so small and unaware.

What would you be like
would we know what to do ..
Would we be good parents
and take proper care of you.

We prayed for only good things
to happen for you ..
That in life you’d be successful
in all that you do.

We prayed that you’d find happiness
and love in your life ..
A life that’s rich and full
without any strife.

But life was cut short
it was you time to leave ..
The angels arrived, but
in our hearts we believe.

You’re safe and secure
without worry or care ..
Know your family’s protected
we will always be there.

Your life was a challenge
yet, we knew you’d be great ..
Every night we thanked God
that He could create.

Someone so special
like there was no other ..
We’ll love you forever
your Father and Mother.