Daddy’s Little Man By Mildred Paxton | Father Son Poems

Daddy’s Little Man
(Father Son Poems)

I watched him as he glanced up
To look at Daddy’s face ..
He walked a little faster
To keep up with the pace.

I watched him as he reached out
and took his Daddy’s hand ..
Trying to do everything like him
And be Daddy’s little man.

I listened to his questions
Asked in baby talk ..
Daddy answered as best he could
as they continued with their walk.

You could tell he started to tire
For it was plain to see ..
He stopped and held up his little arms
And said “Daddy Please hold me”.

Daddy grinned and picked him up
carried him awhile without a peep ..
Held his little boy close to him
For Daddy’s little man had fallen.
fast asleep.

By © Daddy’s Little Man