God made us Sisters Our Hearts made us Friends

(Sister Poems)

God made us sisters
Our hearts made us friends ..
Love keeps us bonded
Thru thick and thru thin.

Being family
Gives permanent ties ..
For which I am grateful
To be in your life.

Though our paths may lead
Down separate roads ..
God gave us each other
To help with the load.

God had a great plan
As He always does ..
Growing together
Was the best for us.

I can’t imagine
My life without you ..
Sisters are for keeps
And forever true.

By –  Joyce C. Lock

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Sister Brother Poems | Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Sister Brother
(Happy Birthday – Sister Brother Poems)

I searched and searched for something
To give you on your special day ..
But nothing was quite good enough
Or not the words I wanted to say!

I looked in the stores to find
That perfect little gift ..
Something very special
To give your heart a lift.

I looked in the dept stores
And wondered what to do ..
Nothing there could come close
To being special enough for you.

I looked in all the papers
I even looked on line ..
Praying that somewhere
A special gift for you I’d find.

Then I felt a gentle nudge
That gave me quite a start ..
Twas if a voice had said to me
“Look within your heart!”

So I looked inside my heart
At all the memories there ..
Of all the wonderful loving
Memories that we share.

And I came up with this little verse
That is so simple, yet so true ..
The best thing about being your sister
Is that for a sister/brother I have you.

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