Mom Mother Poems | You Are

You Are…
(Mom Mother Poems)

Someone I can count on
that I can call my friend ..
Someone that will be there
always, until the end.

You are…

Someone I can learn from
and teach a few things to ..
Someone I can trust
a friend who’s always true.

You are…

Someone I can run to
when I feel lost and alone ..
Someone who, just by being there
makes any place a home.

You are…

Someone who has been there
from before I could breathe ..
Someone who has stuck by me
and would never, ever leave.

Thank You Mom!

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Mother Memorial Poems | Mom

(Mother Memorial Poems)

How does one write on paper
feelings I have inside ..
The heartache and the emptiness
when the mom I loved, has died.

How do I carry on
and smile through tears I cry ..
The loneliness I feel for mom
why did she have to die.

How do I get through tomorrow
when today has left me tired ..
Why can’t I turn back the clock
and have the time desired.

I don’t know if I can do it
I just can’t seem to believe ..
my friend, my soul mate, my mother
why did she have to leave.

But I do hope your happy mom
wherever you may be ..
Free from the pain you felt so long
now smiling down on me.

Please guide me through my life mom
‘cause I’m scared here on my own ..
Think of me, as I do you
and we’ll never feel alone.

So I’ll say goodnight to you now
And blow kisses to the sky ..
Rest up with the angels, Mom
Just for now it is goodbye.

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Mom Mother Poems | My Mother

My Mother
(Mom Mother Poems)

A total self commitment
No fame did she need ..
She gave herself completely
In thought, in word, in deed.

She never stopped to wonder
On blessings she might earn ..
But tried instead to teach me
And prayed that I might learn.

And now I’m older, wiser
I understand much more ..
And look with admiration
Her presence I adore.

Mother gave me everything
A debt I can’t repay ..
So help me God to show her
My love in every way.

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Mother Poems | A Mother To Me

A Mother To Me
(Mother Poems)

I can’t imagine being here
without you next to me ..
You’ve made me who I am today
I don’t know what I’d be.

It’s hard to think of
where I’d start
To say how much you mean ..
you’ve showed me life
you’ve made me grow
a shoulder where I lean.

I know I’m not an easy one
but we still made it through ..
Cause when it comes to raising me
there’s nothing you won’t do.

Everything you’ve done in life
I just want you to know ..
I’ve never been so proud of you
it doesn’t always show.

You dedicate your world to me
you couldn’t give me more ..
You wipe away the tears I cry
you pick me off the floor.

If I grow up to be like you
I know I will go far ..
You’ve always made me be my best
but that’s just who you are.

And everything you’ve always done
I know you will provide ..
A hand to hold, a mother to me
a best friend by my side.

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