It Can Happen – Depression Poems – Mental Illness

It Can Happen

(Depression Poems – Mental Illness)

Promise yourself you’ll try to be strong,

find courage to smile when things go wrong.

Bury unhappiness in the back of your mind,

greet simple pleasures to which you’ve been blind.

Break free from your prison of doubts and fears,

face life and problems with laughter not tears.

Should you stumble, just get up again,

don’t give in easily, there’s so much to gain.

You’ll be frightened at first, but try and try,

life is so short, it can just pass you by.

So when you succeed, you’ll not need to hide,

but face up to fears with courage and pride.

If You Would Take The Time – Depression Poems – Mental Illness

If You Would Take The Time

(Depression Poems – Mental Illness)

I’m trapped in a silent prison

these transparent bars seem real

Unseeing eyes, unhearing ears

and a heart that refuses to feel.

My feelings are well concealed

my perceptions are but scattered.

No spontaneity or laughter

detached from all that mattered

Though emotions are transparent

and kindness seems so rare.

Warmth and love could triumph

If someone would only care.

Depression Poems – I’m Alone

I’m Alone

(Depression Poems – Mental Illness)

The world revolves and twists and turns

and spits and cracks with groans and burns

It shivers cold and burns with heat

upon my flesh and ‘neath my feet

When will this spinning spend its all

and mother earth shall voice her call

The world stands still and mopes and groans

My mind turns fast as I”m alone