A Daughter Is | Daughter Poems

A Daughter Is
(Daughter Poems)

A daughter is love
in a bright pink bow ..
A bundle of happiness
all aglow.

A tomboy in jeans
with a tear streaked face ..
Crying because she
has just lost a race.

Then all of a sudden
no longer small ..
She’s a vision of loveliness
dressed for a ball.

A dreamer, a schemer
no two days the same ..
What is a daughter
It’s more than a name.

She’s a pleasure, a treasure
a comfort each day ..
Loving and sweet
in her own special way.

She’s a sense of contentment
felt deep inside ..
Bringing a lifetime
of pleasure and pride!

A Daughter | Daughter Poems

A Daughter
(Daughter Poems)

All mothers need a daughter
someone like her to be ..
To dress her up and take her out
for all the world to see.

To brush her hair so shiny
the pretty bows to tie ..
To teach her how to clean her room
and how to bake a pie.

Then one day when she’s older
and finds her love so true ..
She never will forget the many
things she learned from you.

Someday she’ll have her children
my wish for her would be ..
To have a lovely daughter
one who is just like she!

– Mary Pickering

Daughter Poems | He was so proud of his little girl

In Your Heart
(Daughter Poems)

He was so proud of his little girl
It was her very first day of school.
He walked with her to school that day
and she held his hand all the way.

They walked together quiet and sad
a little girl and her loving dad.
Into the school her father led
but he almost cried when she said ..

.. Daddy, Daddy please don’t go
don’t leave me here all alone
I’ll miss you if you go away, and
I might need you, can’t you stay?

Little Daughter please don’t cry
you’ll be okay so dry your eyes.
You have our memories in your heart
we’re together, though we’re apart.

He sat up front, on her wedding day
and cried as his daughter walked away.
Later that night he watched her dance
he sat there waiting for his chance.

The band started to play their song
father and daughter danced along.
She looked at him and saw a tear
then leaned and whispered in his ear ..

.. Daddy, Daddy I have to go
I hate to leave you all alone
I’ll miss you when I go away
but if you need me then I’ll stay.

Little Daughter I’ll be just fine
I’ll love you always, you are mine.
I have our memories in my heart
we’re together though we’re apart.

She came in his room and kissed his head
then sat next to his hospital bed.
He took her hand and held it tight, and
wished he had the strength to fight.

They sat together quiet and sad
a daughter and her dying dad.
He saw the tears she tried to hide
she looked at him and then she cried ..

.. Daddy, Daddy please don’t go
don’t leave me here all alone
I’ll miss you when you go away
I still need you, you have to stay.

Little Daughter I love you so
I want to stay, but have to go.
I’ll always be here in your heart
we’re together though we’re apart.