Angels | Angel Poems

(Angel Poems)

When Angels sense you need them
and Angels always do ..
They come, unseen, from everywhere
to help and comfort you.

They hover close beside you
until all your cares are gone ..
Until they can see you’re ready
once again to carry on.

Then some of them may fly away
and take their gentle touch ..
To other hearts that need the love
of Angels very much.

But one, at least, stays with you
as your constant friend and guide ..
For Guardian Angels never leave
they’re always at your side.

Mom Poems | I’ve Seen An Angel

I’ve Seen An Angel
(Mom Poems)

You say you’ve seen an Angel?
my friend asked me today ..
Without hesitation, “Yes
I have seen one,” I say.

He said, “What does she look like?
is there a Halo and some Wings? ..
“No,” I replied quickly
“She doesn’t have those things.

She does have the warmest smile
and is loving like no other ..
I ought to know,” I said
“for this angel is my mother.

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My Angel | Sympathy Funeral Poems Female

My Angel
(Sympathy Funeral Poems Female)

Tear drops run
down our face ..
While our loved one
takes her place.

In the land
of dreams and faith ..
She waits for the day
when life will wake.

The sun will rise and
the clouds will clear ..
Her smile we show
she is near.

We’ll feel her strength
when a new day is here ..
And her heart when
it’s too hard to bare.

My angel is one
with the bluest eyes ..
The honest voice
and generous spirit.

Her love is there
whenever we need it ..
All we have to do
is believe it.

She may be gone
but that doesn’t change ..
The way she makes
us feel everyday.

When the wind blows
by and the trees shake ..
We hear every
word she makes.

No matter where we go
She will be there ..
Always willing
to show she cares.

She’s sitting on
her cloud above ..
Watching all of
those she loves.

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Heaven’s Special Child

Heaven’s Special Child

(Poems About Children)

A meeting was held
quite far from earth –
It’s time again
for another birth.

Said the Angels
to the Lord above –
This special child
will need much love.

His progress may seem very slow
and he’ll require extra care –
Accomplishments he may not show
from the folks he meets, way down there.

He may not run
or laugh or play –
His thoughts may
seem quite far away.

In many ways
he won’t adapt –
And he’ll be known
as handicapped.

So let’s be careful
where he’s sent –
We want his life
to be content.

Please, Lord, find
the parents who –
Will do a special
job for you.

They will not realize
right away –
The leading role
they’re asked to play.

But with this child
sent from above –
Comes stronger faith
and richer love.

And soon they’ll know
the privilege given –
In caring for
this gift from Heaven.

Their precious charge
so meek and mild –
Is Heaven’s very
special child!

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