Angel’s Call Funeral Poems

Angel’s Call

(Sympathy Funeral Poems)

An Angel in
a robe of white –
Came to me as
I slept last night.

She smiled and whispered
in my ear –
‘It’s time for you
to come, my dear.’

‘Though time was short
since you were born –
You’ve earned the crown
without the thorns.

God knows the sweetness
of your soul –
Your spirit and heart
are pure and whole.’

I asked if I
could say goodbye –
To Mom and Dad
who were nearby.

The Angel smiled
and said with a nod –
‘I’m sure that will
be okay with God.’

Did you feel
my kiss goodbye –
And the tears that
fell from my eyes?

Have trust in God
though I must go –
Just like me
He loves you so.

He will comfort
and hold your hand –
And help you so
you’ll understand.

And when your Heavenly
call comes too –
With outstretched arms
I’ll come to you.

– Ron Tranmer

An Angel In A Robe Of White Angel Sympathy Poems Ron Trammer

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Farewell Dear Mother Grief Poems

Farewell Dear Mother
(Mother Grief Poems For Mother)

Somewhere in my heart beneath
all my grief and pain –
Is a smile I still wear
at the sound of your dear name.

The precious word is ‘Mother’
she was my world you see –
But now my heart is breaking cause
she’s no longer here with me.

God chose her for His Angel
to watch me from above –
To guide me and advise me
and know that I’m still loved.

The day she had to leave me
when her life on earth was through –
God had better plans for her
for this, I surely knew.

When I think of her kind heart
and all those loving years –
My memories surround me and
I can’t hold back the tears.

She truly was my best friend
someone I could confide in –
She always had a tender touch
and a warm and gentle grin.

I want to thank you Mother
for teaching me so well –
And though the time has come
that I must bid you this farewell.

I’ll remember all you’ve taught me
and make you proud you’ll see –
Thank you my Dear Mother
for all the love you showed me.

Although you’ve left this earth
and now you’ve taken flight –
I know that you are here with me
each morning, noon and night.

Farewell Dear Mother Grief Poems For Mother


Born Asleep

Born Asleep

Child Loss Grief Poems

Born Asleep‘ .. such a heartfelt phrase
touches me to the core –
The broken cries of a Mother’s heart
when it just can’t take anymore.

I open my heart, one Mom to another
so you never lose your hope –
That although it gets no easier
I promise, you’ll learn to cope.

Remember your Angel is sleeping
in a world much kinder than ours –
And will always be there to hold your hand
even in your darkest hours.

My own little Angel will keep an eye
and play with yours in their park –
But you must find your love and strength
and feed your own little spark.

You’ll never be alone my friend
I will always understand –
If the tides loom up to swallow you
just reach out and grab my hand.

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A Little Angel – Loss Of Child Loss Poems

A Little Angel
Loss Of Child Loss Poems

Today it would be wonderful
to see you play or smile –
But heaven lent you to this world
for just a little while.

And in that short but precious time
you brought along much love –
And all that love is with you now
in heaven up above.

Your leaving caused so many tears
and such a lot of pain –
But God needed one more Angel
so he took you back again.

A Little Angel Loss Of Child Poems Angel Poems
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