Cats in Every Space – (Cat Poems)

Cats in Every Space

(Pets Poems – Cat Poems)

I live a very simple life
with cats in every space
But when I got to bed at night
they sleep upon my face
Now to live without the luxury
of cats in every space
Would be to live a sorry life
in a very sorry place.
I’ve never been without a cat
and this I can uphold
I’ll have a cat in every space
Until I’m gray and old.
For every fool should be aware
that cats are complex creatures
they live about in every space
And give the house its features.
Now take my house away from me
and place me in a tent
I’ll have a cat in every space
And still I’ll be content.
~ Mark A. Dye


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A Cats Life – (Cat Poems)

A Cats Life

(Pets Poems – Cat Poems)

Claws and fur collar and bell
sleeping sound then raising hell
Rearrange my neat abode
searching for the mother load.

Scratching posts and catnip mice
and other toys that seem so nice
Plants that hang and other things
rumpled rug with edge of strings.

Dancing fur-balls, rumpled mats
shredded carpets, dying plants
All are certain signs to me
that my life I’m living free.

Well, maybe not exactly free
but certainly it’s right for me
Litter pans that must cleaned
for furry ones all freshly preened.

Endless bowls that must be filled
another moth that must be killed
Rancid cans of old cat food
I love it all, I love this brood.
– Mark A. Dye


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New Puppy – (Dog Poems)

New Puppy

(Pets Poems – Dog Poems)

Don’t smell crotches, don’t eat plants.
Don’t steal food or underpants.
Don’t eat my socks, don’t grab my hair!

Don’t eat those peas! Don’t touch that bush!
Don’t chew my shoes … What IS that mush?
Eat your cookie, drink your drink.
Outta the toilet! Outta the sink!!

Away from the “Cat Box” It’s for the Cat
…And MUST you kiss me? After that???
Yes, raising a puppy is not for the lazy!
Though puppies are funny, they’re also quite crazy.

But don’t despair, though its toil and strife.
After 3 years, you’ll get back your life!
So, let’s go for “walkies”, you can “do your thing”.
And perhaps I’ll get back my GOOD DIAMOND RING!

naughty puppy chewing sock


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A Dumped Dog’s Prayer – (Dog Poems)

A Dumped Dog’s Prayer

(Pets Poems – Dog Poems)

Don’t close the door! Don’t push me away.
Why are you leaving? Don’t make me stay.
Slow down the car, I can’t keep up.
This pavement is hot and my pads are cut.

I’ve got to quit running or my heart will pop.
Every muscle is aching. Why don’t you stop?
I’m so hungry and thirsty. Darkness is near.
But I shouldn’t leave, he will come for me here.

Several weeks have passed, I am dead on my feet.
They call me a nuisance because I eat off the streets.
Every car that passes, I chase it to see
If it’s my master coming for me.

Though I approach those that come near
With trust in my eyes and no sign of fear.
With hate in their voices and a cold, heartless stare,
They threaten to kill me – they don’t even care.

Batter my body with rocks that they throw,
I will not leave, he will come, don’t you know?
Overtaken with weakness, my body is numb.
I’m sick and so lonely. Oh please, let him come!

I will go back where he first threw me out.
I’ll wait for him there, he will come, no doubt.
My thoughts are fading. My chest feels like lead.
I’m sleepy, so sleepy .. I can’t lift my head.

It’s so quiet, so peaceful .. all remains still.
There is my master at my home on the hill.
Yes, I can see him, he’s calling my name.
His voice is so gentle, his hands are the same.

He decided he wants me. Things will be fine.
I really do love him, that master of mine.
My tail wags with pleasure. I can’t catch my breath.
He came in my dreams, but so did my DEATH!!



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