Can’t Let Go | Memorial Poems

Can’t Let Go
(In Loving Memory Poems)

Letting go of everything
of all I ever knew ..
Surrendering once and for all
Is just too hard to do.

As time go by, I find myself
still trapped in bygone days ..
Trying to hold onto our past
and our old ways.

Wondering where my love went
and how you left so fast ..
If only I could have known
It wasn’t meant to last.

Lingering thoughts of you remain
and I shall forever grieve ..
I hide it well beneath my mask
for none to perceive.

Moving ahead is so hard
when I still believe ..
It wasn’t time for us to end
and too soon for you to leave.

I Still Miss You So | Memorial Poems

I Still Miss You So
(In Loving Memory Poems)

It’s been some time
since you’ve been gone ..
I thought by now
I would be strong.

I think of you
and shed my tears ..
I wonder who
will still my fears.

Your memories remain
inside my heart ..
My soul it seems
be torn apart.

You told me secrets
I hold so dear ..
I only wish
you now be near.

I still miss and love you
can’t you see ..
I wish to hold
and talk with thee.

So many things
I could not say ..
And now you’ve gone
so far away.

You taught me to
in God believe ..
You said he would always
take care of me.

So take my hand
and guide me there ..
And save a place
one day to share.

In Gods Garden | Memorial Poems

In Gods Garden
(In Loving Memory Poems)

I always took for granted
what I thought I’d never lose ..
I never thought it would happen
until I heard the news.

They say he chose you for his garden
in his handpicked bouquet ..
“God really needed him
that’s why he couldn’t stay.”

Saying goodbye is never easy
It’s the hardest thing to do ..
But what hurts me even more
Is I can’t say it to you.

So today, Jesus, as you are listening
in your home above ..
Would you go and find my
And give him/her all my love!

I Know You Are With Me | In Loving Memory Poems

I Know You Are With Me
(In Loving Memory Poems)

My love I’ve seen, I’ve seen her here
She walks with such a grace ..
She turned to look and smile at me
The sun upon her face.

I swear I caught a familiar scent
The fragrance of her hair ..
Could I believe, should I believe
Her spirit was really there?

Her eyes so bright, shining with love
No pain to cloud them now ..
And when she laughed, no line was seen
Across that perfect brow.

Oh love, if you would only wait
Beyond the tears and pain ..
We’ll walk together, hand in hand
In love, In peace, Again.