Memorial Poems For Grandfather – A Grandfather Like You

A Grandfather Like You

Throughout the years you’ve always been
A wonderful man to me
When I was small you took the time to
Bounce me on your knee.

As I grew older, you were there
I only had to call
I knew that I could count on you
You’d never let me fall.

So many hard times in my life
You’ve helped to get me through
I’m so glad God gave me
A Grandfather as special as you.

In Loving Memory Dad Poems – Your Love Brought Me Through

Your Love Brought Me Through

When life was closing in on me,
My world had fallen down;
You always kept me going,
When you would come around.

You pieced me back together,
You made me laugh and smile;
Then when my steps would falter,
You led me that extra mile.

You gave to me a shoulder,
For me to cry upon;
You listened when I had to talk,
When I went on and on.

You never tried to judge me,
Or tear my life apart;
You kept my feet on solid ground,
You listened with your heart.

You told me I could be someone,
You made me feel I could;
Do anything, go anywhere,
If only I just would.

Your love is unconditional,
So I give love back to you;
You are the wind beneath my wings,
Your love has brought me through.

Copyright – Allison Chambers Coxsey

In Loving Memory Dad Poems – I’ll Fly Away

I’ll Fly Away

Has it been that long
Since I sat upon your knee?
You sang to me so sweetly.
I hugged you happily.

Your voice was so strong,
As you spoke to me that day.
You talked about Heaven.
You said, ‘Soon, I’ll fly away.’

I never really understood
Just what you tried to say.
I only knew I loved you.
I didn’t want you to go away.

‘Daddy loves you, honey’
Was the last thing you said to me.
At once I understood those words
And wondered why I didn’t see.

On the morning, when his life was done,
My Daddy flew away,
But I know his love will stay with me,
Forever and a day.

In Loving Memory Dad Poems – Quiet Moments

Quiet Moments

When I was young I used to love
to sit upon your knee.
I’d gaze into your loving eyes
as your arms enfolded me.

Your gentle kiss would stir
the golden tendrils of my hair,
as whispered sentiments of love
we quietly would share.

We’d read a book together,
the same time after time.
I knew all of the words by heart,
you didn’t seem to mind.

When darkness fell you tucked me in
and gently kissed my cheek.
You’d wish upon a shooting star
the Lord my soul to keep.

The years have passed so quickly,
death parted you from me.
I hope you know how much it meant
when I sat upon your knee.

Gazing to the heavens,
as I quietly reminisce,
I’d give a million of those stars
to feel your gentle kiss.

I’d give all my tomorrows
to hear you read to me,
and remember those quiet moments
when I sat upon your knee.

Copyright – Louisas Lodge