Together Forever…

Together Forever

To ink my words?
now where to begin,
to express what I feel,
that feeling within.
our eyes, your smile
they melt my heart
I yearn for your hugs
when we’re apart
That time will come
when you hold me tight
our life together
like a star shining bright
Together forever
we will be
bonds that will never break
you’re my destiny

– Hayley Berry

You’ll Always Be My Valentine…

You’ll Always Be My Valentine

You fill my days with sunshine
my nights with love and laughter
you make my life a fairy-tale
And I am ‘happy ever after’

I don’t need to tear off petals
And wonder ‘loves me, loves me not?’
I don’t need to consult the tarot cards
To know what treasure I have got

you make my heart beat faster
Each time you look my way
you’ll always be my Valentine
Today and every day

– Linda Welch



Gently, gently take with care,
it’s all my heart you’re holding there.
Careful, careful, let it fall,
it will not bounce, it’s not a ball.

It’s not a toy for sport or play
to tire with at end of day,
it’s not a thing I lightly give,
I need it too, if I’m to live.

So, just before I let it go,
it’s only fair that you should know,
if dropped – apart from my distress,
I fear ‘twould make an awful mess.

But if you’re fond of precious things,
have bored with roundabouts and swings
I gladly give this heart to you
and pray I have no need of glue.

– Kirsten Mclaughlin

I Love You More…

I Love You More

“I love you more” she said to him
“No, I do!” he replied
“I love you to the moon” she said
“The moon and back!” he cried.

“I love you more than words can say,
or even poems” she said
“I love you more than thoughts” said he“
unspoken in my head.”

“I love you with each breath I take”
She quietly declared
“And I love you with all of me”
He said. “No atom spared.”

Each turned to ask the other one
“How will we settle this?”
Then gently, both at once, they said:
“I’ll prove it with a kiss.”

Alexandra Lima Dieguez