Ode To Ricky…

Ode To Ricky

Your feet smell, but I love you,
Is that not enough?
You’re gorgeous in every single way,
Though your elbow skin is rough!

I’m only messin’ honestly,
to me, you are perfection.
If I were you I’d spend every minute
staring at my reflection!

I’m trying to think of how I can say,
how much you mean to me,
but my words just seem so weak, just like
a very milky tea.

And so I shall write this poem to you,
hoping you see the total truth,
that since we met you brought me happiness,
and our children are the proof.

So thank-you, my sweet husband,
for making every day a complete blessing,
I just hope you believe the words I say,
and this time, I ain’t messin’.

– Carrie Talbot Ashby

For You…

For You

I need to tell you,
Every single day,
That you affect my life,
In a very special way.

When I wake up in the morning,
You are always there.
I wake up cozy with the knowledge
That you truly, deeply care.

Our children are so loved
And living lives of their own,
I know that they are happy
With all the memories we have sown.

As we now grow old together,
Every single day,
I want to affect your life,
In a very special way.

I want you to know,
As we close our eyes each night,
That you are in my thoughts, my love
As the darkness steals the light.

Always Yours, Always Mine…

Always Yours, Always Mine

To sum my feelings up in words
for you, my Valentine
I’d need to write a thousand words
on how I’m glad you’re mine.

For every day I thank the stars
that when our paths did meet
you sensed in me a heart that shared
your gentle, rhythmic beat.

Your smiling eyes, your warm embrace,
the kindness in your heart
So much I need to say to you
I don’t know where to start.

Accept this rose to celebrate
our love, my Valentine
And be assured I’m always yours
and you are always mine.

– Paul Cox

A Simple Rhyme…

A Simple Rhyme

Some say it with kisses, some say it with hugs.
I say it with bacon butties and hot, sweet tea in mugs.
you get up with the kids and leave me to lie in.
I sometimes do the washing, you do the ironing.

I could be more romantic and maybe you could too.
our love is practicality; it works for me and you.
we know each other’s flaws, there’s no need to pretend.
we are the closest allies, you are my closest friend.

I know that maybe sometimes, I don’t say it enough,
I just assume you know it and forget romantic stuff.
So I have wrote this verse, for you my valentine,
To show you that I love you with just a simple rhyme.

– Emma Jones