Grief Loss Friendship Cards | Into each life some rain must fall

Into each life some rain must fall but sunshine does appear. It brings with it a rainbow and a message that is clear. Please know that you are not alone, that we all hold you dear, let faith and hope into your heart and keep your memories near. Free In Loving Memory Cards For Friends To Share On Facebook

Into each life some rain must fall but sunshine does appear
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In Loving Memory Friends Cards | Caring Online Friends…

Caring Online Friends…  The true friends who we meet online are a very special kind They pierce your shields and see within the corners of your mind. They’re always there when you’re in need with their power to discern. They feel your pain .. they offer hope and genuine concern. We bare our souls, expose our hearts and show our inner fears, and then before you know it the keyboard’s stained with tears. And if we could see them through that screen then no one could deny that to be a TRUE online friend they too must surely cry – Share In Loving Memory Poem Cards

In Loving Memory Cards Caring Online Friends