Funny Brother Poems | Brother For Sale

Brother For Sale
(Funny Brother Poems)

Who will buy my Brother?
I will sell him to you cheap ..
I don’t know what he’s worth
but I think he’ll earn his keep.

Mom doesn’t know I’m doing this
and Father, he would frown ..
But I’ll give you a special price
for just a few bucks down.

Brother for sale, brother for sale
who will buy my Brother? ..
I tried to put him on e-bay
but someone told my mother.

He doesn’t eat that much
but he can be quite a jerk ..
He would change his ways I think
if you should put him to work.

Brother for sale, Brother for sale
get him at half the price ..
I’ll start the bidding at 50 cents
Now .. that’s a deal that’s nice.

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