Happy Birthday Husband

Birthday Wishes For Husband

Loving, romantic ‘Birthday Wishes for Husband Cute, Happy Birthday Husband messages, verses short poems for your hubby.

Husband Birthday Wishes For Your Husband | Messages Verses Short Poems For Hubby


Happy Birthday Sweetheart

You’re someone thought
of very much, each day
throughout the year ..
And it’s a perfect time
to let you know, now
that your Birthday’s here.


For My Dear Husband

My gift to you is one of love
that’s yours, my whole life through ..
And it’s the love, that’s always felt
inside my heart for you.

My gift of love will keep you warm
through winter’s snow and rain ..
And it will grow, with each new day
’til your Birthday comes again.

My gift of love will still remain
through all life has in store ..
And as each Birthday comes around
I only love you more.

You cannot see this gift of love
but you will know it’s there ..
Through everything life brings our way
and all the times we share.

So have a ‘Happy Birthday’
hope you like, my gift to you ..
For it was made with tenderness
and dreams that have come true.

So please accept this gift I give
and keep it in your heart ..
Two people with a love like ours
should never be apart.

Happy Birthday My Love


There are all kinds of people
and all kinds of love ..
there are all kinds of hopes
and dreams, we dream of.

There are all kinds of wishes
and I know some do come true ..
Like one did for me
when I Married YOU!


To My Husband With Love

With lots of loving wishes
for your special day ..
And lots more love, is sent to you
than these, few words can say.

Because you are the person
who will always be ..
Someone who is special
in every way to me.


Happy Birthday To My Husband

The one I’ll always love.

Thank you for making our life
together, so very happy.

With All My Love .. ALWAYS


To My Special Husband, On Your Birthday

What matters most to me
are the things, I share with you ..
Because you are, so much a part
of everything I do.

And that is why this Birthday message
has an extra loving touch ..
For I’m so glad to share my life
with the one, I love so much.


With Love Husband On Your Birthday

Special thoughts and the warmest
of wishes just for you ..

There couldn’t be a warmer wish
than this one, sent your way ..
May you have, all the pleasures
of a truly perfect day.

Happy Birthday My Love


Thinking of you especially
now your Birthday’s here ..
Of how much, you mean to me
throughout, the whole year.

And it’s hoping you know one thing
that will be always true ..
There’s no one else, in all the world
who loves you, like I do.

Happy Birthday Husband


With Love Husband

Because you are so wonderful
each day, the whole year through ..
My special Birthday message
is simply, “I LOVE YOU”.

Just For You With All My Love


We’re friends as well as partners
and I can truly say ..
The love I feel grows stronger
with each passing day.

You can lift my spirits
if I’m ever blue ..
And with you, here beside me
there’s nothing, I can’t get through.

And because today’s your Birthday
it’s time that you were told ..
You’re someone very special
and you’re worth your weight in gold.

So have a Happy Birthday
and I hope you know it’s true ..
That, for me, each day is a happy one
because I’m married to you.

Have a Very Happy Birthday


For A Very Special Husband

Hope you have the kind of day
that’s filled with favorite things ..
As well as all the happiness
a special Birthday brings.

Enjoy Your Day


Wonderful Husband
Happy Birthday

You’re someone who deserves
the best that life can ever bring ..
Not just today, but every day
I wish you, that very thing.

I love you, for so many reasons
on your Birthday and every day ..
I wish you all the happiness
you have always given to me.


This Birthday wish
comes just for you
to say how much I care ..
To tell you that I’m thankful
for the special love we share.

All my Love, Happy Birthday Darling


I am so lucky to have
a Husband like you.

Happy Birthday My Love


You’re not just the man I love
you are the crazy person with whom
I feel free to be my insane self.

I don’t remember being this happy
with anybody else.

On your birthday, let’s promise
to make this year, even more fun

I love you so much


You fill my life with love
understanding and tenderness
and it means so much to share
all these things with you.

You’re a wonderful Husband and
I love you, more than words can say.


My Darling Husband

I really love you
so much more than
words can ever say ..
And I’m wishing you
with all my heart
a really special day!

You Mean So Much To Me


To My Wonderful Husband

Your Birthday is a happy time
full of things to do ..
But none that I like better
than cuddling up to you!

Happy Birthday with all my Love


I love you pure and simple
the facts are very clear ..
you’re my special Husband
and I hold you very dear.

There is no stronger feeling
than the love we share together ..
the bond of true devotion
which we know will last forever.

Today I hope your birthday brings
you happiness galore ..
as we share your day together
who could ask for more?


For My Husband
A Birthday Message With Love

Every day I think about
how lucky I must be ..
To have such a wonderful Husband
who means the world to me.

From the first time that we met
you really stole my heart ..
I know our love was meant to be
right from the very start.

Husband Birthday Wishes For Husband.jpg

Of all the words that I could find
there are so very few ..
That tell you what I want to say
Like a simple “I Love You”

Happy Birthday


Every year
with you in it
better than the last.

Happy Birthday I Love You


I promise to make it
a very special day for you.

Happy Birthday My Darling!


Thanks for catching me
whenever I stumbled ..

thanks for giving me the
confidence to walk again ..

BUT more than that ..

Thank you for never
letting me go away
from your sight.

Love you so much sweetie
Happy Birthday


Hanging out with you is STILL
my FAVORITE place to be.

Happy Birthday
My Darling Husband


To My Husband, The Man I Love

I may not always take the time
to show how much I care ..
The days are often busy
with so little time to spare.

But you surely know, I love you
and I’m sending this to say ..
That in case you haven’t realized
I love you, more each day.

Every loving word you whisper
every dream, you’ve made come true ..
Every hug and every cuddle
every kindly thing you do.

Everything I love about you
all that makes my life worthwhile ..
Every touch and precious moment
Every tender, loving smile.

Every word inside this greeting
is a word just meant for you ..
Thanks for making me so happy
thanks for making me love you.

Birthday Wishes, Husband
With All My Love


You know how much I love you
and you know I always will ..
For when we are together
they’re such happy hours we fill.

We’ve shared so much enjoyment
as we will in future years ..
With you I feel protected
I haven’t any fears.

So let’s enjoy your Birthday
in the way we always do ..
And raise a glass to celebrate
the love that’s me and you.

Happy Birthday
to my wonderful Husband
and my Best Friend.


I don’t know whether you are
my better half or the worse one ..
.. but baby all I know is that you are
the half that makes me complete.

When you are around, I don’t seem
to need anything else in the world.

Happy Birthday ..

May God Bless you abundantly
because a sweetheart
like you deserves the best.


To My Husband

It’s not the way you look
or how you talk ..
It’s not what you wear
or the way you walk.

It’s not the sparkle in your eyes
or your sexy smile ..
It’s not the way you make me feel
or your sense of style.

It’s not your gentle touch
or the loving things you say ..
It isn’t the thoughtful, things you do
or your good natured way.

It’s not even, your sense of fun
or the kindness, that you show ..
It’s all these things combined
that make me, love you so.

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