Happy Birthday Grandmother

Birthday Wishes For Grandmother

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Birthday Wishes For Grandmother Birthday Poems


You’re such a special person
so here’s a card to say –
Thanks for all the joy you bring
and have a HAPPY DAY!

With Love Today And Always

One of the best things in life
is having a Grandmother like YOU.

To be GRATEFUL for –
To be PROUD of
And to LOVE.

Have a lovely Birthday

With Love Grandmother on your Birthday

A Grandmother always understands
the things you say and do –
She overlooks all of your faults
and sees the best in you.

A Birthday wish For A Dear Grandmother

When this lovely day is over
may the special joys remain –
Within your heart, so you can feel
the magic once again.

Happy Birthday

A wonderful birthday
that’s simply perfection –
Is wished for you, warmly
with love and affection.

Have a very happy day Nan.

Birthday Love For Grandmother

An extra loving wish, that
your special day will bring –
Wonderful surprises and
the best of everything.

Loving wishes Grandmother

You are so special
for all you do –
you are so loved
because you’re you.

With a heart of gold
you show such care –
It means so much
to know you’re there.

Happy Birthday Grandma

You’ll have a perfect birthday
if these wishes all come true –
Because they’re hoping for a day
that’s special, just like you.

With love.

If you’d like to know the wishes
this brings, Grandmother dear –
First think of all the happy things
that fill your heart with cheer.

Then think of pleasant days ahead
and things you like to do –
For they are all included
in these wishes, just for you.

Happy Birthday

A Grandmother is never far
from thought, ever near in love.

The joy you bring
the help you give –
The love you show
the life you live.

All these are things
that make you dear –
And treasured more
with each passing year.

Happy Birthday Grandmother

To a special Grandma, Happy Birthday

Grandma, you’re the very best
in every single way –
And I’m sending all my love to you
on your special day.

I hope you have a lovely time
with everything you need –
Because you are a total star
a special Grandma, indeed.

With love on your special day.

For You Dear Grandmother,
On Your Special Day.

I hope that your birthday
is perfect all through –
As perfect as every day
should always be for you.

Happy Birthday Grandma


Today is a special time
to have the chance to say –
I wish you lots of happiness
always and today.

With lots of love on your Birthday

Birthday love for Grandmother

Thinking loving thoughts of you
and sending them your way –
To show how very much you mean
on this, or any day.

Birthday Wishes To A Special Grandmother

This brings more special wishes
than any words can say –
For someone who deserves the best
of everything, each day.

Happy Birthday


I hope you enjoy your Birthday
may it be, the best you’ve ever had –
The kind that you’ll look back on
with a smile, because you’re glad.

As you count the happy total
of years you share with friends –
For the wealth of their affection
is a joy that never ends.

To dear Grandmother with love

Warm wishes for the happiest
Birthday you’ve ever had.

This special card is sent to you
especially to say –
The nicest birthday in the world
is wished for you today.

Happy Birthday

A Special Greeting To a dear Grandma

Wishing you a special day
that’s filled with joy all through –
A day that’s warm and wonderful
a day, that’s just like YOU.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Nan

My Nan is something special
she simply is the best –
She’s sweeter than all other Nan’s
and much kinder than the rest.

When others talk about their Nan’s
I cannot stop the smiles –
’Cause I know my Nan is better
by a thousand miles.


You’re FAB and ACE
so this is just to say –
You’re simply the best Grandma
in every single way.

Happy Birthday

First I’ll wish you a Happy Birthday
then I want to let you know –
That you mean so much to me
since the days of long ago.

I thought you were called GRANDMOTHER
because GRAND described you fine –
I think so still, as I send this note
with love, in every line.

Happy Birthday Grandmother

With love Grandmother

Thoughts of you are filled
with happy memories –
Wishes for you are
filled with love.

Happy Birthday Grandmother

Grandmother and love
differ only in name –
For the happiness they bring
is one and the same.

Birthday Greeting For Grandmother

You’re not only a wonderful Mother
you’re a wonderful Grandma too –
No wonder this brings twice the wishes
for happiness, always for you.

Happy birthday

A Grandmother Just Like You

I just want you to know
you mean the world to me –
Only a heart as dear as yours
would give so unselfishly.

The many things you’ve done
all the times, that you were there –
Helps me know, deep down inside
how much you really care.

Even though I might not say
I appreciate, all you do –
Richly blessed, is how I feel
having a Grandmother, like you.

With love Grandmother just for you

With special thoughts
and loving wishes –
– because it’s your birthday
and because you’re
so very special.

Enjoy your birthday.

For you, Grandmother

To wish you a happy birthday
is the least, that I can do –
Because there’s no one more deserving
or, as wonderful as you.

With best wishes

For A Very Special Grandmother

This message comes on your birthday
as a way to let you know –
The gratitude that’s always felt
for the love, you always show.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Grandma

Here’s hoping for a day
that sees your dreams come true –
For there’s no other Grandma
quite a wonderful as you.

Birthday wishes for a special Grandmother

Because you make life happier
in a way that’s all your own –
You’re wished the best of Birthdays
and he happiest year, you’ve known.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Grandma

Hope your day, Grandma
is just like you –
Really, really special and
wonderful, too.

With love on your birthday

Dear Grandmother

This brings a wish, for all the best
a day and year can bring –
For someone who should always
have the best of everything.

Happy Birthday

For you Granny on your Birthday

You’re the one who’s there to listen
at any time of day –
And whose gentle understanding
always seemed to show the way.

Be happy on this special day Granny
enjoy everything you do –
Because if anyone, deserves the best
then of course, it must be YOU.

Happy Birthday Granny

Birthday Wishes To A Very Dear Grandma

With special love on your Birthday
and warmest wishes too –
That today and every day ahead
bring happiness to you.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Dear Grandmother

You will have a perfect birthday
if these wishes all come true –
Because they’re hoping for a day
that’s special, just like you.

Happy Birthday To A dear Nana

May today be happy
and special for you –
bringing with it, many joys
no matter what you do.

And I hope today
is filled with happiness –
With the years ahead
filled with great success.

Enjoy your special day.

Birthday Wishes For You Grandmother With Love

It really means a lot to have
a Grandmother who’s so dear –
you’re loved a lot more every day
and treasured more each year!

With Birthday Love, Grandmother

Happy Birthday Grandma

A Birthday card to tell you
in a warm and special way –
That thoughts of you
will always bring
a world of love your way.

Happy Birthday

For You, Grandma On Your Birthday

You’re the loveliest Grandma
in all the world
so kind and so special, too –
That’s why this is sent
on your special day
with loads of love to you!

Happy Birthday

You’re one in a million
the best Grandma I know –
And so, this birthday message comes
just to tell you so!

Have A Fantastic birthday, Grandma.

Happy Birthday, Grandma

Hope your Birthday is filled with
everything that makes you happy.

You’re the greatest Grandma
and so special, too –
So in this card, is lots of love
being sent to you!

Enjoy Your Birthday

For The Best Grandma On Your Birthday

This comes to tell you
you are the best –
A wonderful Grandma
no contest!

And also to wish you, all the best
but mostly, to let you know –
That you are loved, so much more
than this card could show!

Have A Great Day.

For You, Grandma! You’re The Best

This comes to bring you lots of wishes
for all that, makes you happiest –
Because on Birthday and every day
you really are the best!

Hope You Have The Best Day!

For A Lovely Grandma On Your Birthday

With love, because you’re special
with love, because you’re you –
With love enough, to last each day
throughout, the whole year too!

Wishing you a lovely and relaxing day, Grandma.
Hope you enjoy every single moment.
Happy Birthday

Birthday Love For Grandma

Hearts are warm at Birthday times
and thoughts are ever new –
Of special people in our lives
so wonderful, just like you.

And hearts are filled with memories
which grow from year to year –
Making times like this more special
and loved ones still more dear.

Happy Birthday Grandma

This wish is sent, just for you
especially to say –
May your Birthday be full of fun
in every single way.

And hope the coming year
is really happy, too –
One that brings surprises
and special times for you.

With Lots Of Love

Special Birthday Wishes For Grandma

Every wish for happiness
that’s made, all year for you –
Is wished again with worlds of love
when your Birthday is due.

And then an extra wish is made
for everything that’s best –
To hope the coming year ahead
will be your happiest.

For A Very Special Grandma

Think of someone special
someone dear to you –
A memory that you cherish
a dream you hope comes true.

Then think of every happiness
that could come your way –
Then you’ll know what’s wished for you
today and every day.

With Love For A Happy Birthday

Special people, deserve special days

A little Birthday wish
filled with lots of love –
For the very special day
that you’ve been dreaming of.
Hope It’s Your Best Day Ever!

Love You Grandma, Happy Birthday.

Grandma Love-Filled Birthday Wishes,
Enjoy yourself – It’s your Birthday.

This special ‘Happy Birthday’ wish
is being sent to you –
To say that you are wonderful
and loved a whole lot, too!

Have A Very Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Grandma With Love

Wishing you so much love
way more than you can guess –
And then a year, that will bring
even more, happiness!

You’re So Special! Lots Of Love

Birthday Wishes For Grandma With Love

Just a little wish
for every happy thing
That you are really hoping
this Birthday will bring.
Enjoy your special day.

Grandma Relax And Enjoy Your Day

Here’s good wishes, Grandma
for the happiest of days –
And a year that’s one of the best
you’ve had in many, ways.

Loving Birthday Wishes For You, Grandma

Grandma You’re My Hero

Everyone needs a hero
who’s brave sweet and kind –
And lucky me, I’ve got you
the best hero, you could find!

Happy Birthday Grandma
With Lots Of Love.

On Your Birthday With Love, Grandma

Your Birthday is a loving time
and time for wishing, too –
All the joy and happiness
so well deserved for you.

It’s also time to wish you
from the bottom of my heart –
A Year that is wonderful
right from the very start.

Wishing you a joyous birthday Grandma

May your life be bright and happy
sweet and fragrant as a flower –
Pure and heartfelt gladness
opening with the sunshine, of each hour.

Birthday Greetings to Grandmother

To welcome the newest Birthday
of a Grandmother I adore –
with a host of cheery wishes
that you’ll have a whole lot more.

For your Birthdays are as welcome
as the flowers that bloom in May –
And my love for you grows deeper
each time one comes your way.

A Happy birthday to Grandmother
best wishes by the score –
And while I am about it
may I wish you many more!

To The Best Grandmother” In The World

Grandmothers are wonderful
Grandmothers are kind –
Grandmother are special
and I’m so lucky you are mine!

Happy Birthday with lots of love.

The warmest Birthday wishes
are sent to you today –
Because you are so special
in every single way.

Have a great day Grandmother
doing exactly what you like to do.


Because you are loved so MUCH
and ’cause, you’re SO NICE too –
It’s fun to send a Birthday wish
for HAPPINESS, to you.

Happy Birthday Granny

Birthday Wishes For A Dear Granny

With warmest thoughts
and wishes, too –
For happiness
the whole day through.

Happy Birthday Granny

For You Nan, On Your Birthday

This greeting comes
with a message to say –
May your Birthday be perfect
each hour, of the day.

Happy Birthday.

Grandma It’s Your Birthday

Your Birthday is the time to think
of those we hold dear –
The time to tell them little things
we’ve thought of, all through the year.

– And so, on your Birthday
this greeting comes to you –
To wish you loads of happiness
that lasts the whole year through.

It’s your Birthday Grandma

You’re a very special Grandmother
so this card comes to say –
I hope today is happy, for you
in each and every way.

And I hope you know, that though it comes
now your Birthday’s here –
The love and special wishes sent
are with you, throughout the year.

That’s why this loving greeting
is the best, that could be found –
Because it’s for a Grandmother
who is wonderful, all year round.

Many Happy Returns Nana

Through many happy years ahead
may life be good to you –
And every Birthday add its share
of happy memories, too!

You’re so special Grandma
and a star all year through –
So kind and warm hearted
and loved a whole lot, too.

So I hope that your Birthday
is packed up full of cheer –
And brings about, happy times
to remember throughout the year.

Happy Birthday, Grandma In Heaven

You’re thought about so often
in loving memory –
For you were, all the special things
a Grandma ought to be.

We’ve all missed you being here
since you went away –
But the happiness you brought us
is remembered every day.

So may you find a gentle peace
in your eternal rest –
We’ll always love you, Grandma
you really were the best.