Happy Birthday Daughter 3

Daughter Happy Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Daughter Happy Birthday Wishes.

Happy Birthday Daughter Happy Birthday Wishes

To Daughter From Dad Father

It seems like only yesterday
I bounced you on my knee –
We used to go for walks to the park
that meant so much to me.

Down the slides and on the swings
and climbing every tree –
Oh how those years so quickly passed
for my little girl and me.

Now a young lady stands before me
a beautiful vision to see,
But you will always be the little girl
I bounced upon my knee.

Daughter Dear
you’ll always be –
Just a little girl
to me.

May all your hopes
and dreams come true –
And gladness fill
the days for you.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart

A One Year Old Daughter

A One-year-old Daughter
is so many things –
A tiny discoverer
of butterfly wings.

A hugger of teddies
a sweet sleepyhead –
And someone to dream for
in bright years ahead.

A special new person
who right from the start –
Takes her place in the family
and in your heart.

And just when you think that
you’ve learned all the things –
That your dear Daughter is
and the joy that she brings.

A hug or a smile comes
with such sweet surprise –
That love finds you smiling
with tears in your eyes!

Daughter Of Kindness

Every act of kindness
and every thoughtful deed –
Every time you reach out
to comfort those in need.

Everyone who knows you
knows that this is true –
You put your loving heart
into everything you do.

With bows, ribbons and all things pink
the years just rolled by so fast –
My charming little Daughter
who grew up so fast.

A beautiful woman now stands before me
with a family of her own –
How proud I am to have watched
and loved you as you’ve grown.

So now your special day is here
I wish a happy one for you –
And may the year, that lies ahead
be perfect for you too.

To My Daughter

I wish you all the happiness
On this your special day –
and for all good things
a birthday brings
to come by your way.

My heart was filled with so much love
the first time I saw your face –
Now you are all but grown
sweet memories take their place.

I’d never change a single thing
I thank God you are so fine –
Even when you’re at your worst
I’m so proud that you are mine.

I know I’m not the perfect Mom
But It’s the best that I can do –
For everyday, I thank the lord
For a Daughter as special as You!

I’m so grateful that I have you as a Daughter.

With Love On Your Special Day

A special day, a special year
and so this brings to you –
warm congratulations
and the best of wishes, too.

For you’re a special Daughter
and no matter what the day –
You’re thought about
with lots more love
than any words can say.

Happy Birthday Daughter

  • Happy Birthday Dear Daughter. You Make My Life Worth Living. Happy Birthday 

  • To the Daughter who has ALWAYS been the apple of my eye.

  • If life was an ice cream. A Daughter like you would be the cherry on top. You wouldn’t want to miss it for anything else in the world. Happy Birthday Dear Daughter

  • I may be the only person in the world who has seen an Angel growing up right before their eyes. Happy Birthday Daughter

  • Daughter Of Mine. Once the goodness of someone special reaches out and touches your heart your life is changed forever. You look for, and find, the good in everyone and everything. You keep the faith and wholly trust in your dreams of tomorrow. I want you to know how fortunate I feel to have you in my life. You have brought happiness to my heart and a rainbow of love that will forever color my world with Joy. You Are Truly Someone Very Special To Me

  • Proud Of You Daughter. Watching you grow from a little girl into the wonderful, thoughtful and caring person you are today. Is one of the greatest joys of my life. I am so very proud of you. Happy Birthday Sweetheart

  • The only reason I secretly cry on your birthday every year Is because you move closer and closer to moving away from me. Happy Birthday

  • You are the reason I find it worth getting up in the morning and closing my eyes at night so that I can look forward to another day. Thanks for making this mother happy. Happy Birthday

  • Your birthday is the celebration of the completeness of our lives. We love you more than anything in this world. Happy Birthday Dear Daughter

  • You are the darling Daughter that every parent dreams to have. We are lucky to be yours. Happy Birthday

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