Happy Birthday Daughter 2

Birthday Wishes To Daughter Poems

Happy Birthday Wishes To Daughter Birthday Poems.

Happy Birthday Wishes To Daughter Birthday Poems

To A Beautiful Daughter

You do so many thoughtful things
for others throughout the year –
You have a way of lifting spirits
and filling hearts with cheer.

So I know this day’s just perfect
to make a wish for you –
For all good things that you deserve
each day the whole year through.

Happy Birthday

To Our Special Daughter

From the moment you were born
we knew what love was all about –
We loved you more than anything
beyond shadow of doubt.

The bond we felt unbreakable
and instantly we knew –
That we would spend eternity
thanking god for you.

Time has passed us quickly by
a young lady now I see –
But in our eyes, you will always be
our precious little baby.

One day, not so far away god will
bless you with a miracle too –
Then you shall know the depth of love
That we will always have for you.

We will be here for you always
each and every day –
Loving you unconditionally
every step of the way.

Happy Birthday Daughter

A Daughter Like You

The sun and stars shone bright that day
when you arrived on earth –
Your presence filled my heart with love
the moment of your birth.

You grew into such a lovely girl
a young maiden so fair –
Your smile would light up any room
your laughter filled the air.

Now you’re a beautiful young lady
gifting the world with your grace –
One of God’s gentle creatures
with a smiling loving face.

So happy birthday, my dear girl
may you have many more –
May good fortune and happiness
be always at your door.

I’m so glad that God gave
me a daughter like you –
A priceless treasure
through and through.

Happy Birthday Daughter

Happy Birthday dearest
daughter of mine –
You are truly wonderful
sweet and kind.

Let this day make you
happy and not blue –
Since it comes only
once a year for you!

Another year older
with the past now behind –
You will find yourself wiser
in your life and mind.

I hope this day
is a great one for you! –
May every wish you make
be one that comes true.

I’m so proud to have you as a daughter
a precious gift from up above –
A Daughter I prayed and received
you’re always there, my sweet little dove.

My Angel
beyond price to me –
Another year older and sweeter
as beautiful as can be.

Our dearest Daughter on this day
we wish the best for you –
For as you reach another year
a few things we know are true.

You’re the most wonderful Daughter
any parents, could wish for –
Kind, loving and thoughtful
generous, sweet and more.

You are our special Daughter
we look up to with pride –
With a sweet heart full of love
and arms that open wide.

So from us your Mum and Dad
we want to let you know –
That you make our lives so perfect
and will forever so.

Happy Birthday Daughter

Daughters 18TH Birthday

My oldest girl
time has flown –
I can’t believe
how fast you’ve grown.

Ready to start
out on your own –
Where is that baby
girl once known.

Ready to spread
your wings and fly –
My girl I’ll never
say good-bye.

With emotions charged
I often cry –
In passing time
you’ll find out why.

Look at you now
age eighteen –
My daughter now
a beauty queen.

Eighteen years
is hardly seen –
Surely this must
be a dream.

It’s no dream
and it’s your day –
For my first born
to make her way.

More precious than
a snow white dove-
I release you still
wrapped in my love.

  • Family life is many things and one of the nicest joys it brings is having a Daughter as dear as you, who’s thought of in a special way. Not only on a special day, but with love, the whole year through! Happy Birthday

  • No matter how many birthdays come and go. You’ll always be my little girl. Happy Birthday Daughter.

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  • To a wonderful daughter and a great friend. You are my one true treasure. Happy Birthday Darling Daughter

  • I see a little more of me in you with each passing year. Thanks for bringing so much joy into our lives each and every single day. Happy Birthday Darling Daughter

  • Wishing the sweetest girl the sweetest birthday. I’m so grateful that I have you as a Daughter. You grow sweeter with each passing year. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

  • The joy of watching a daughter grow up into a beautiful woman is a joy like no other. Here’s wishing the beautiful young lady a Happy Birthday.

  • Teenager. Can’t believe you are a teen already. The years have flown by but the memories will last for a lifetime. We love you sweetheart. Happy Birthday

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