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The Best Mommy In The World

I know someone special
and today’s her special day
It is my pretty Mommy
and I just want to say.

Mommy, I love you so much
and you are better than the rest
There’s no other Mommy in the world
My Mommy is the best.

By – Toni Kane

For Mommy With Love

Here’s a birthday card to tell you
just in case you haven’t guessed –
That, of all the mommies in the world
you’re the dearest and the best.

Special Mommy

My Mommy is so special
my Mommy is so cool –
My Mommy is always there for me
when I get home from school.

But today is a little different
and Daddy asked me to make –
A special birthday card
and he’ll buy the cake.

Then we will sing to Mommy
because today is her special day –
When Daddy lights the candles
we’ll sing Hip Hip Hooray.

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Happy Birthday Wishes Poems

Happy Birthday To A Special Mommy

This is for my mommy
who’s as special as can be –
It brings special wishes hugs and kisses
because it comes from me!

I Love You, Mommy

I want to tell you, mommy
just how good you are –
My days are full of all your love
the best mommy by far.

You take care of me, no matter what
and, you always make me smile –
Having you for a mommy
makes me, one lucky child.

So, I thank you, mommy
for all nice things, you do –
So, I’ll give you hugs and kisses
so you’ll know, that I love you!

Happy Birthday Mommy

Funny Mommy Birthday Poem

Mommy, I’m so grateful
that our God chose me –
To be your daughter/son
because, where else would I be.

Plus, I’d miss you if he didn’t
I would not know what I would do –
I’d have to search the whole world
just to come to find you.

I Love You Mommy Happy Birthday

By – Toni Kane

To Mummy With Love

With many kind and loving thoughts
this comes to you, with love –
For your kindness always means so much
and you are thought the world of.

Mommy Happy Birthday

You read me nice stories
then tuck me in tight –
You tell me you love me
then kiss me goodnight.

When I’m all safe and happy
and you know I’m alright
You walk to the door
and turn out my light.

I Love You, Mommy!

Because mommies are special
it really wouldn’t do –
To send a simple birthday wish
to last the whole year through.

So this wishes happy moments
a day, when dreams come true –
And a year that’s filled
with all the things
that means the most to you.

Happy Birthday Mommy

If I could, I’d tell you, mommy
that I love you in advance –
Even though, I’m not yet here
I just want to take the chance.

I know your love, I feel it
when you touch me with your hand –
And I hope too when I look at you
my love, you’ll understand.

Whilst growing, here within you
your love soothes me inside –
I can’t wait for you to hold me
for it will be amplified.

When I hear your soothing voice
your love for me floods through –
And when I get the chance I’ll say
Dear mommy, I love you.

Happy Birthday Mommy Card

Mommy, she is very smart
there’s not much she doesn’t know –
She cooks, cleans and drives the car
to all places, where we go.

We often go out to the shops
we buy bread, milk, and meats –
And when I am well behaved
she buys me special treats.

But today is not my treat day
’cause it’s my Mommy’s turn –
Because it is her Birthday
and she treats, she has earned.

I Love You, Mommy,

By – Toni Kane

A Birthday Hug For Mommy

You’re really nice
in every way, and
really special, too –
I’m glad that you’re
my mommy and that
I belong to YOU!

Happy Birthday Mommy

happy birthday mommy graphics picture.gif

Mommy, you’re so special
and, you never get to rest –
So I hope that on your birthday
you get things, that you like best.

Like breakfast served, in bed to you
and all that needed rest –
And lots of things, that you love
because mommy you’re the best.

By – Toni Kane

With Lots Of Love Mommy

Just bet that there is no one
who is loved any more –
Than, the wonderful mommy
this birthday card is for.

Happy Birthday Mommy

(Little Boy To Mommy)

I’m so glad you are my Mommy
It fills my heart with joy –
There could be no other mommy
for me – your little boy.

(Little Daughter To Mommy)

Happy Birthday Mommy

I’m so glad that you’re my Mommy
as precious as a pearl –
There could be no other mommy
for me – your little girl.

Happy Birthday Mommy Dear

A little card, so full of love
and happy wishes too –
It couldn’t be for anyone else
in the whole wide world, but YOU.

Happy Birthday Mommy

Thank you for loving
and caring for me –
Also for all the little things
you do, so beautifully.

This my greeting
a wish for, joy and cheer –
The greeting is for your Birthday
the wish is for all year.

Happy Birthday, mummy!
love and kisses too –
With loads of really good wishes
and all of them for YOU!


I cannot write these words yet
because I am far too small –
though my thoughts remain unspoken
I love you, mommy, above all.

I really want you to know
that, you mean the world to me –
And though I cannot tell you yet
I’m as grateful, as can be.

Being Mommies little girl/boy
is just, so much fun –
You’re the best Mommy in the world
and I’m glad, that you’re my one.

Happy Birthday I Love You, Mommy

(Happy Birthday Mommy Poems)

Mommy’s are so special
and they have lots of jobs to do –
They cook, clean and wash our clothes
brush hair and tie our shoes.

But once a year mommy gets
her own special day –
When she doesn’t have to cook or clean
‘cause, it’s her day to play.

Happy Birthday Mommy – I Love You

How Much Are You Loved?

More than bubble gum
or somersaults –
Piggy-back rides
or chocolate malts.

Cotton candy
a tire swing –
Mommy, you’re loved
more than anything!

Happy Birthday Mommy, with Love!

For You Mommy, Happy Birthday

For working so hard
and sharing so much –
For giving such pleasure
with a love beyond measure.

For making a home, a place
of good times and laughter –
And for caring today
and every day after.

Happy Birthday Mommy Poems

My Mommy

My Mommy is so pretty
my Mommy is so sweet –
She loves to read my books and stuff
and gets nice things to eat –

Today is mommy’s birthday
it is such a special day –
I Love You so much, Mommy
and that’s what I want to say.

By – Toni Kane

Mommy, Happy Birthday

Pretty, smart, funny, nice
happy and loads of fun –
We’re glad you are our mommy
because we wouldn’t want
a different one.

By – Toni Kane

For Mommy Happy Birthday

Being with you makes me happy
I love all the fun things we do –
And mommy, I hope that your day
is the best, ’cause there’s
no-one more special than you.

Happy Birthday Wishes Poems

Just for you Mommy

This happy birthday greeting
has an extra special touch –
Because it comes to tell you
that I love you very much.

To Mommy from your little Girl

This brings a happy birthday wish
mommy, just for you –
‘Cause you’re so good to me
and I love you so much, too!

Happy Birthday Mommy

You’re the very nicest Mommy
That anybody’s got –
And this just comes to tell you
That you sure are loved a lot!

(Happy Birthday Mommy Poems)

It’s your Birthday Mommy
and I am so excited –
You see, I have something for you
and I think you’ll be delighted.

Mommy, I have a special gift
And a Birthday card to –
Daddy wrapped it carefully
and It says “I Love You”.

Happy Birthday Mommy

By – Toni Kane

I love you, Mommy

You read me stories
from a book –
And let me help you
when you cook.

You make me laugh
with funny faces
And take me to
some super places.

When I am scared
you hold me tight –
And when I’m sick
you’re there all night.

What I feel
inside is true –
The best mom
in the world is you!
Happy Birthday.

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(Happy Birthday Mommy Poems)

My mommy is so special
and I love her so much, you see –
She is the best mommy in the world
that there could ever be.

Today’s my mommy’s birthday
a day I wouldn’t miss –
It’s the perfect day today
to give her this special hug and kiss.

I Love You, Mommy

(Happy Birthday Mummy Poems)

A Special Mummy

I have a special Mummy
who is always very kind –
My Mummy is the very best
Mommy you could find.

She always cooks me nice food
and tucks me into bed –
She tells me that she loves me
and gives me kisses on the head.

Today Is Mummy’s Birthday
and Daddy told me I should –
be extra nice to Mummy
and to be very good.

By – Toni Kane

Best Mommy Ever, Happy Birthday

Mommy, you’re so special
that is plain to see –
You make me feel so safe
With the love, you give to me.

You’re always there when I need you
Helping me out of muddles –
But most of all, you really do
Give the best ever cuddles.

(Mommy Poems)

There are some things
that only moms can do –
Like scare away spiders
and take knots out of shoes.

Like making a sandwich
with the crusts all gone –
And singing a medley
of bedtime songs.

Everything you do
you do it with care –
And for that I am grateful
that, you’ve always been there!

Happy Birthday Mommy

Just For You Mommy On Your Birthday

Bet you know who this is for!
go on, Mommy, take a guess –
to wish you happiness.

(Happy Birthday Mommy)

When I grow up –
– I want to be

Happy Birthday Mommy

(Happy Birthday Mommy Poems)

My Mommy’s sweet as sugar
and yummy just like spice –
Daddy said that Mommy’s the best
because she is so nice.

Today’s my mommy’s birthday
and Daddy’s got her a gift –
To make mommy feel special
and give her a needed lift.

Happy Birthday To The
Best Mommy In The World

By – Toni Kane

Happy Birthday Mommy

Mommy, I sure love you
and I want to tell you this –
I love your special mommy smile
and your loving mommy kiss.

I love your mommy hugs, too
for they always make me glad –
So I’m wishing that this birthday
is, the best you’ve ever had!

Birthday Greetings Mommy

Mommy dear
love you heaps –
And always will
love you for keeps!

(Happy Birthday Mommy)

Mommy, I love you
For all that you do –
I’ll kiss you and hug you
‘Cause you love me, too.

You feed me and need me
To teach you to play –
So smile ’cause I love you
On this your birthday.

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