Happy Birthday Grandson


Very special, loving, Happy Birthday Grandson, Wishes. Cute messages, verses and short poems to write in your Grandson’s Birthday Card.

Birthday Wishes Messages Poems For Grandson To Write


Birthdays are for happy thoughts
of what the year will bring –
So here are loving wishes, Grandson
for the best of everything.

‘Prouder than proud
of the things that you do –
You’re a really great Grandson
who’s loved a lot too!’

Your birthday is the perfect time
to say a word or two –
About how nice, it is to have
a Grandson, just like you.

It also is the perfect chance
to send this wish your way –
For all life’s finest things
today and everyday.

Happy Birthday

Sending lots of loving thoughts
now that your birthdays here –
Because you’re the kind of Grandson
who deserves the best all year.

Grandson Have A Happy Birthday

Warmest thoughts and wishes
are sent to you today –
For a birthday filled with laughter
and fun along the way!

It’s always such a pleasure
to be sending on their way –
Warm and loving wishes
for your happiness today.

And it’s a chance to tell you
just in case you didn’t know –
Just how special you will always be
to those who love you so.

Happy Birthday Grandson

Just For You Grandson

You’re so fantastic, Grandson
and now your birthdays here –
This greeting comes to tell you
how much you’re loved all year.

Because you’re just so special
in every single way –
There couldn’t be anyone else
who deserves such a brilliant day.

You’re someone to be proud of
each day the whole year through –
There’s no-one else in all the world
who means as much as you.

You’re a Grandson who, with every day
brings such special pleasure –
Every moment spent with you
leaves happy moments to treasure.

Birthday wishes for you, Grandson
with many a loving thought –
Of all the joy and happiness
that knowing you has brought.

You’re a Grandson who is thought of
more often than you know –
And always loved, a great deal more
than just a card can show!

Have a Very Happy Birthday

I send this birthday greeting
with it, big hugs too –
And I hope that your birthday
will be, a happy one for you.

I think of you often, Grandson
and the things we used to do –
But most of all I want to say
Happy Birthday, I love you!

Grandson, Happy Birthday

It’s a day for making wishes
it’s a day meant just for you –
For doing just exactly
what you would like to do.

You my dear grandson
are never very far away –
In my heart I feel your love
each and everyday.

I’m sorry I can’t be with you
on this, your special day –
So to you my sweet Grandson
I just want to say.

I love you and I wish for you
a wonderful birthday!

This wish is filled with love and gratitude
for all the nice things that you do –
Lots of warm wishes are enclosed too, Grandson
wishing you happiness all the year through.

Happy Birthday Grandson

Here’s hoping that your birthday
is a really happy one –
The kind that you’ll remember
long after it has gone.

Because you are so special
and you’re thought of with such pride –
Wherever life may lead you
you’ll take it in your stride.

You’re all grown up, dear Grandson
and you’re thought the whole world of –
And these special, thoughts of you
will always hold much love.

Memories of you, as a little boy
so special in your ways –
Bringing joy and laughter
to the most ordinary days.

Your smile has always been infectious
making others smile too –
No wonder there’s such special warmth
always surrounding you.

With every day that passes by
you’re loved even more –
And wished the best of everything
in the years that lie in store.

So have a happy birthday
and after it is through –
Hope lots of very special things
are on their way to you.

Because you deserve the very best
and are thought the whole world of –
We wish you a special Birthday
full of all the things you love.

You are a special person
and really a wonderful Grandson –
And that is why, we hope you have
a birthday, that’s full of fun.

Having you for a Grandson
has been one of the greatest gifts
that life has given me –
For all that you have been
for all that you are, and for
all that you’re yet to be.

There are always special people
within the family –
And that’s exactly what you are
and what you’ll always be.

A very special Grandson
who’s fun and lovely too –
And that’s why all your dreams
are waiting just for you.

So may the happy birthday spirit
inspire you with its touch –
And bring you all the happiness
that you deserve so much.

A wonderful Grandson birthday card with cute bear with balloons for Facebook

One of the best gifts
that I have ever received –
– Was to have a wonderful

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Grandson

These happy birthday wishes
Being sent your way, to see –
that you are all the lovely things
that a Grandson could be.

Here’s wishing you a special day
when all your dreams come true –
So happy, happy birthday
to a very special you.

Hoping that your birthday
is the kind of special day –
That’s happy and enjoyable
in every single way.

And when the day is over
here’s hoping you’ll find, too –
Many happy memories
will still remain with you.

Happy Birthday Grandson.

It takes wonderful things
to make a grandson like you –
Generosity and kindness
to name just a few.

You’re really very special
I want you to know –
And each year my feelings
continue to grow.

Warm thoughts and wishes
I’m sending to you –
A wish that all of your
dreams Will come true.

A Grandson like you, brings joy to my life
year after, wonderful year –
The love that you give, brightens my days
even when you are not here.

Love is what, this greeting brings
to you, on your special day –
A love with depth, beyond compare
a love that will never sway.

Birthday’s are a special time
for our feelings to express –
To wish you a happy birthday
And to say, that you’re the best.

Happy Birthday

You are a very special Grandson
you make us so very proud –
You are truly amazing
and stand out from the crowd.

You’ll always be a superstar
someone always on the ball –
Happy Birthday Grandson
to a lad who has it all!

A world of wishes Grandson
are sent especially for you –
With hopes that all the nicest things
be yours today and all year through.

You always give so much of yourself
to the people that surround you –
Adding a richness to their lives
by all the things you do.

You have a very special heart
one that is full of caring –
Your heart is filled loads of love
that you’re always sharing.

You’re someone I can count on
when I need a helping hand –
You’re compassionate and loving
and you always understand.

I’m so thankful to have you
you have a heart so true –
Very few people, Grandson
are as loving as you.

To A Dear Grandson

To celebrate your special day
many happy returns are sent –
In a greeting chosen just for you
which is sincerely meant.

Happy Birthday

When God made you, Grandson
he must have broke the mold –
You mean so much to me
far more priceless than gold.

Your quick witted humor
always makes me laugh –
And you do nice things
all on my behalf.

I know for sure
you’re one of a kind –
Another like you
would be hard to find.