Birthday Wishes For Cards 4

Birthday Wishes For Cards

May God bless you for
all the days of your life.

Happy Birthday

Wishing you all the
fun and excitement that
only birthdays can bring,

A prayer for you
that the Lord will bless –
You, on your special day.
with all the happiness
Happy Birthday

Friend Birthday Messages

I pray to God that
he blesses you today
and gives you strength
to have positive thoughts
and to give you success
throughout your life.

Its hard to find a birthday wish
good enough to send to you –
For you’re such a special person
that the usual ones won’t do.

But this one is just perfect
and it makes it clear to you –
That you’re close in thought
not now and then, but
all year through!

May all your dreams and wishes
come true – Enjoy your day

Birthdays arrive
at breakneck speed –
Time on our side
is not agreed.

Life Is short
years go fast –
hold only memories
from the past.

Pack up the garbage
throw it out –
That’s what life
is all about.

Enjoy your life
in every way –
In every moment

Happy Birthday

Like fresh dewdrops
of a new day.
May GOD’S loving hands
guide your way.

Happy Birthday

Look outside, It’s so nice
the sun shines just for You –
Trees in rhythm, swaying
birds all singing too.

All because I told them
it was your Special Day.

Friend Birthday Messages

May your life be filled
with memorable ways,
love, friendship
and happy days.

May this Birthday
be just the beginning
of a year filled with
the happiest of memories,
wonderful moments,
and dreams come true.

May you have

All the joy your heart can hold
all the smiles a day can bring –
All the blessings a life can unfold
and the best of everything.

Happy Birthday

May your life be filled with colors
and your wishes all come true.

On your birthday

I wish you much pleasure and joy
I hope all of your wishes come true –
May each hour and minute
be filled with delight and
your Birthday be perfect for you.

Funny Birthday Message

On your birthday
I would like to give you
Some wise words of wisdom –
“Smile while you still have teeth.”

Happy Birthday

Our birthdays are feathers
in the broad wing of time.

Friend Birthday Messages

Sending birthday blessings
filled with love, peace and joy –
Wishing the sweetest things
to happen right before your eyes!

Some things are left undone.
Some words are left unsaid.
Some feelings are left unexpressed.

But some one as nice as you,
could never be forgotten.

Somebody up there loves you and
somebody down here cares for you.

Funny Wife Birthday Wish

The BEST way to REMEMBER your
WIFE’S BIRTHDAY is to forget it ONCE.

Funny Birthday Message

The museum curator called today
and spoke in animated tones.
He has a team of scientists
want to carbon date your bones!

Have a great day.

Funny Birthday Message

This card has No Fat
No cholesterol
No Additives
This is all natural
with a lot of sugar.
But it will never be as sweet
as the one reading it. :-)

Today is a day of celebration. WHY?
Because, many years ago on this day,
GOD sent me YOU!

May God bless you with
health, wealth and good
fortune throughout your life.

May you lead a life of great
happiness and success.
May all your dreams
and wishes come true!
Enjoy your day.

Happy Birthday

Wishing you all the
fun and excitement
that only
birthdays can bring.

Love Birthday Cards

With love this wish
is sent your way –
For a very special
kind of day.

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