Happy Birthday Poem 3

Happy Birthday Poem For Cards

On this very special day
I would like to say to you –
I hope you will find happiness
In whatever you may do.

Life is very short –
So enjoy every moment
and always step forward
confidently into the future.

Happy Birthday

A little bit of sunshine
A little bit of cheer –
Sent with all good wishes
For the coming year!

Happy Birthday

My birthday wish
for you today –
Is for all good things
to come your way.

Laughter love
health and peace –
Beauty and joy
that never cease.

I wish for you
a happy day –
For lots of love
to come your way.

May your heart
be filled with cheer –
That will last
throughout the year.

Best wishes from my heart
being sent your way –
Hoping that much joy
will be yours today.

This special prayer
for you, I will say –
God bless you on
your special day.

Happy Birthday

Make a wish and
give it wings –
Dream of bright
and beautiful things.

Dance through all
the fun filled hours –
But don’t forget
to smell the flowers.

Share some love
and birthday cake –
All life joys
are yours to take.

And when evening
comes to view –
Thank your lucky
stars you’re you.

Happy Birthday

Today I bought a birthday card
addressed it to myself –
I signed your name inside of it
and set it on the shelf.

Tomorrow is my birthday
but I’m sure you know –
Even though God took you
so many years ago.

Happy Birthday
to a Dear Friend
You’ll be special to me
until the end.

Celebrate today
and know this is true –
My life has been blessed
because of you.

Congratulations to you
my old friend –
Birthday wishes to you
I do send.

You look good for your age
I could say –
But you look good to me
any old day.

Happy Birthday

Today’s your day to celebrate
your day to be the star –
so let the ones you love all cheer
and say, how special you are.

A year of fun and happiness
is my birthday wish for you –
For you are someone special
and your birthday should be too!

Happy Birthday

For the world –
it’s just another day
for me today is the
best day of the year!

Happy Birthday

Wishing you happiness
to welcome each morning –
Wishing you laughter
to make your heart sing.

Wishing you friendship
sharing and caring –
And all of the joy
a Birthday can bring!

You are such a special person
Who deserves a special day –
For being who you are and
Bringing joy in every way.

You make me smile and laugh
With everything you do –
So today I get to send
A special Birthday wish to you!

Happy Birthday

Funny Birthday Wishes

Go ahead and light the candles
on your Birthday cake.
I have the fire department
on standby!

Happy Birthday

May God bless you on your birthday
and every day in every way.

Happy Birthday

If age comes with wisdom –
You’re the wisest
person I know!

Happy Birthday

Funny Birthday Poems

Over the Hill and
sliding down fast –
You knew being young
just couldn’t last.

Your back goes out
the eyes grow dim –
You can’t hear over
the background din.

Aches and pains
are constant companions –
You wear bigger shoes
because of your bunions!

The memory is fading
names you forget –
You really don’t want
to get older and yet.

The slide down the other
side of the hill –
Can give you quite
an invigorating thrill!

Don’t count how many years you’ve spent
just count the good you’ve done –
The times you’ve lent a helping hand
the friends that you have won.

Count your deeds of kindness
the smiles, not the tears –
Count all the pleasures that you’ve had
but never count the years.

Happy Birthday

Funny Birthday Wishes

You’ve survived another year.
Although you’re older –
It’s better than the alternative.

Happy Birthday

May the love you have shown to
others, return to you, multiplied.

I wish you the happiest of birthdays
and many, many more, so that others
have time to appreciate you, as
much as I do.

Sending birthday blessings
filled with love, peace and joy –
Wishing for you the sweetest things
today and always.

Happy Birthday

Yes it is just another day, but this
one is the best of the year!

Happy Birthday

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